Your fortnightly recycling service: Place items in your recycling bin, not in plastic bags. Plastic containers with codes 1-7 and lids. Handy hint: Remember if you can scrunch the plastic, leave it out!

Recycling service

You can recycle: paper and cardboard; glass bottles and jars

You can recycle: Aluminium and steel cans and trays: cartons


Do not place the following in your reycling bin:

red cross no polystyrene
red cross no ceramics
red cross no car batteries
red cross no plastic bags
red cross no garden waste
red cross no nappies
red cross no medical waste
red cross no garbage
red cross no food waste
red cross no chemicals
red cross no hazardous waste
red cross no film or soft plastics

Recycling collection

 Collection calendar and map 2016–17 (PDF 515KB)

Bayside Waste Guide (PDF, 6.84MB)

Page last updated: 30 Jun 2016