Chairs at an outdoor venue in Bayside


Our venues can be used for:

  • weddings
  • functions and meetings
  • yoga/dance classes
  • performances
  • and more!

Please note:

  • With the exception of the Sandringham Band Rotunda, no park amenities, structures or BBQs can be booked and obtaining a permit for use of open space does not grant exclusive access to an area.
  • Public Space may not be locked or fenced off for the purpose of conducting a wedding ceremony or any private event.
  • With the exception of wedding ceremonies, permits will only be issued for use of open space up to one hour before sunset.

Bayside wedding guide front cover

The Bayside Wedding Guide

The bayside wedding guide is a fantastic starting point for couples looking to find the perfect place to make their vows or celebrate their special day.

A permit is required to:

  • have a legal ceremony, eg a wedding
  • have a gathering of 50 people or more
  • a wedding reception or function
  • to erect any structure or infrastructure, eg marquee or jumping castle
  • if a third party is providing a service, eg catering, children's activity
  • any commercial activity, eg promotions

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