Your kerbside bin services. Correct bin placement: wheels facing the property; handle away from the road; close to the edge of the kerb; at least 50 cm apart; clear of cars; clear of power poles and trees

Your kerbside bin services

Your collection schedule

To find out when your bin’s are collected, please visit the links below or ring Customer Service 9599 4444.

green bullet image Weekly: Garbage 
green bullet image Fortnightly: Recycling
green bullet image Fortnightly: Green waste


How to ensure your bins are collected:

Close the bin lid

Bins are emptied by a truck with a mechanical arm, so lids must be closed to avoid spillage. Heavy, overfilled bins cannot be lifted.

Extra bags or boxes will not be collected

Be on time

Place your bin on the kerbside the night before or prior to 6am on collection day.

Missed collections

If your bin has been missed on collection day, please contact Customer Service promptly.

Christmas and Public Holidays

Council’s waste and recycling services operate throughout the year. When your collection day falls on a public holiday it will still be collected.

Stolen or missing bins

Council will replace or repair your bin if it has been damaged or stolen.


Bayside Waste Guide (PDF, 6.84MB)

Page last updated: 14 Nov 2014