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How to register your event

Holding an event in Bayside

If you want to hold an event in Bayside that is open to the general public, you will need to complete an Event Registration Form. Please review the following information and complete the relevant steps.

For tips on making your event accessible to people of all abilities, refer to the making your venue accessible website

If you will be serving and/or promoting alcohol during the event, refer to Council's Alcohol Harm Minimisation Policy (PDF, 88KB)

If you will be supplying food during the event, you will be required to obtain a temporary food vending permit. Please refer to the Streatrader website for more information.

Event registration enquiry (optional)

If you would like to know if it's possible to hold an event in Bayside, please complete the enquiry form

Risk Management

Each event organiser is required to fully assess risks associated with staging an event. Ideally the Risk Assessment should be accompanied by an Event Plan which should provide detail on event activities.

The Risk Assessment document below provides a checklist of activities that may be relevant to your event; however, you may also identify risks that are additional to the checklist. If you have identified relevant risks they must then be identified in the template on the final page of the Risk Assessment document.


Option 1: billboards

To promote a community event within Bayside, community groups may take advantage of one of Council's five billboard locations (only one board at one location per event can be provided). Council will not charge for the use of the billboard locations, however it is the responsibility of the Community Group to engage a suitable supplier to install and remove the approved artwork and board (this may be negotiated with a relevant Real Estate company).

Council will issue a permit for the agreed times, subject to the receipt of a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability (refer to the application below). Billboards are subject to location availability and Council's discretion and are not available for commercial events (this application is also incorporated within the event registration form as a compete package of information).

Billboard Application

Option 2: Bayside City Council Website - What's On Calendar

You may also wish to advertise your event on Council's community calendar of events

Post Event Report

After the completion of your event, Council would like to know about the successes in the event planning and delivery, as well as elements of the event that may not have worked well. Please complete and submit the form

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Booking Council open space

With the exception of the Sandringham Band Rotunda, no park amenities, structures or BBQs can be booked, and obtaining a permit for use of open space does not grant exclusive access to an area.

Public space may not be locked or fenced off for the purpose of conducting a wedding ceremony or any private event.

With the exception of wedding ceremonies, permits will only be issued for use of open space up to one hour before sunset.

A permit for casual use of open space is required to:

  • have a legal ceremony e.g. wedding
  • have a gathering of 50 people or more
  • have a wedding reception or function
  • erect any structure or infrastructure e.g. marquee or jumping castle
  • If a third party is providing a service e.g. catering, children's activity
  • hold any commercial activity e.g. promotions

To apply for:

  • a wedding ceremony (Bayside Wedding Guide PDF 4.8M)
  • an event that is private/not open to the general public e.g. wedding reception, picnic, birthday celebration, or
  • marketing and promotional activities/events

Please Note: Maintenance will be occuring in Billilla Gardens between the 13 January to 7 February 2016 and in Kamesburgh Gardens between 11 April to 8 May 2016. Bookings for events will not be taken during this time.

Please read the terms and conditions and complete the application form:

Filming and photography events

Please Note: Unless with an approved exception, Film Permits will not be issued on beaches between 1 November 2015 and the end of March the following year.

A permit is required for professional and some amateur filming or photography that takes place or impacts on any park, road reserve, foreshore area or any area which is under the jurisdiction and/or management of Council. Fees apply (but are not restricted to) the following categories:

  • commercial filming – booking of parks and reserves for filming of commercials and TV
  • amateur/emerging producers and/or directors
  • commercial still photography – booking of parks and reserves
  • community or student filming
  • parking of oversize vehicles during filming and photography

A permit is not required for non-commercial wedding photo/filming shoots.

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Other events/permits

Road race events

If your event requires road closures, the event Organiser must submit to Council a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) as part of the Event Registration for consideration and approval.

If the road is owned by Vic Roads approval is also required together with approval from Victoria Police. If the road closure is proposed for Beach Road/Esplanade (Vic Roads is the relevant authority together with Council).

The number of road races permitted as well as the times and dates allowed are outlined in Councils Events in Public Places Policy (PDFM 45.1KB). Please refer to this document before applying.

Road Race Event community communications

The Event Organiser is required to:

  • Advise by letter all residents, businesses and community groups impacted by the road closure 10 days prior to the event. This letter must provide the access solution together with two mobile phone contact numbers that will be dedicated to event day access concerns (this access provision and letter text must be approved by Council).
  • Place a community notification in the local newspaper 10 days prior to the event, depicting the location of road closure, the date and time of road closure and the road opening time (this text is to be approved by Council).
  • Place community notification signage 10 days prior to the event, depicting location, the date and time of the road closure and the road opening time (this signage placement location, signage look, signage text, and signage size is to be approved by Council).
  • All hydration stations along Beach Road need to use biodegradable cups.

Temporary structure siting approval

If your event requires the erection of a temporary structure e.g. marquee or stage, you need to be aware of the Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2006. You may need to apply to the Building Surveyor for a Siting Approval. Structures requiring Siting Approval include but are not limited to:

  • Stage or platform exceeding 150m2
  • Tent, marquee or booth with a floor area greater than 100m2
  • Seating stand that accommodates more than 20 persons, or;
  • Prefabricated building exceeding 100m2.

These forms need to lodged no less than 15 working days prior to the event. View the current fees & charges

This application is made directly to the Buildings Department as indicated on the form below.

Place of Public Entertainment (POPE)

If you are planning an event or function within Bayside that is considered a Place of Public Entertainment (POPE), the Building Act 1993 requires that an Occupancy Permit for a Place of Public Entertainment must be in existence on land. A Place of Public Entertainment could be one:

  1. Which is enclosed or substantially enclosed;
  2. To which admission can be gained by payment of money or the giving of other consideration and which is intended or is to be used for the place of public entertainment.

The form needs to be lodged no less than 15 working days prior to the event. View the current fees & charges

This application is made directly to the Buildings Department as indicated on the form below.

Public transport (events affecting public transport)

Public Transport Victoria seeks to balance the needs of event organisers and participants with those of regular public transport users, pedestrians and motorists who may be affected by an event's transport arrangements.

Under Victoria's events legislation, event organisers need to notify Public Transport Victoria if their event is likely to have an impact on regular public transport services. They may also be required to prepare and get approval for a Public Transport Plan as part of their event management plan.


Festivals and events presented by Bayside City Council.

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Page last updated: 01 Jul 2016