Glenn Romanis - The Barraimal (Emu) Constellation sculpture

The Barraimal (emu) constellation

The sculpture by Glenn Romanis depicts Barraimal as a constellation and how it is seen using the constellations of the Southern cross, (Crux), the Pointer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and using the Colsack Nebula (the dark shadows under the milky way) to create its head, neck and back. Scorpio shapes the body and Sagittarius the nest and eggs.

In this work, Carolyn Briggs’ (Elder of the Boon Wurrung) is cross-referenced with scientific knowledge and the seasonal visibility of the constellation in the sky (only visible at the time when the male emu is sitting on a clutch of eggs – traditionally, the male was not hunted at this time). The constellation is seasonally visible, June, July or August.

Glenn Romanis is trained in photography and design: he is also a musician, keen surfer and father of a young daughter. He has extensive experience in public art and large-scale outdoor installations. His indigenous heritage informs his contemporary practice.

Material used: Basalt, Castlemaine slate, red granite, green limestone slate and petrified wood.

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