Installation view of Garry Bish: The spaces within

Open your mind - Tread softly

3 October - 29 November 2015

Georgina Campbell, Dark City 2013, type C print, 79 x 119cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Gallery @ BACC is pleased to present Open your mind - Tread softly, a collection of photographs taken in Iceland by Melbourne artist Georgina Campbell.

The exhibition title comes from a signpost found on a walking trail on Hrisey, a tiny island off the north coast of Iceland, where the artist undertook a residency in 2013.  The area is known for its abundance of natural energy that is able to replenish both the mind and body through close proximity to this landscape.

Utilising time-lapse, video, computerised images and sculptural forms, these works seek to find tangible evidence of this energy via the visual exploration of natural phenomenon including the northern lights, the landscape itself, and the human experience of landscape.

The Curious Life of Sir Thomas Bent

15 August - 4 October 2015

John Lockwood, Sir Thomas Bent, black and white photograph, Bayside City Council Art & Heritage Collection

Sir Thomas Bent’s journey from Moorabbin market gardener to Premier of Victoria remains one of Victoria’s most intriguing historical and socio-political narratives.  An avid land speculator and highly influential in both local and state politics, The Curious Life of Sir Thomas Bent  explores the life and times of one of Bayside’s most infamous former residents.

Light the blue touchpaper and retire

15 August - 27 September 2015

Adam John Cullen, Diggings

Adam John Cullen, Diggings 2015, plaster, concrete, steel and pigment, variable sizes. Image courtesy of the artist.

The third of The Gallery @ BACC’s biannual emerging artists exhibitions, Light the blue touchpaper and retire presents works by Darcey Bella ARNOLD, Adam John CULLEN, Saskia DOHERTY and Matthew GREAVES.

‘Light the blue touchpaper and retire’ was once merely a printed instruction designed to eliminate the risk of injury during the process of staging a pyrotechnic display.  The phrase has become a popular colloquialism in the English language, and is used to denote an action that is inherently risky or as an expression meaning ‘to kick things off’ or ‘get things started’.

Arnold, Cullen, Doherty and Greaves have been invited to examine the conditions that prompt and inspire innovative ideas.  Each artist acknowledges the spontaneous, intuitive approach to making whereby the creative process is left to chance or in some instances becomes the art work in itself.

Midwinter Masters: Percy Grainger: In the Company of Strangers

20 June - 9 August 2015

Kate Tucker, Putting it together/pulling it apart (layers of a song) 2015, canvas, thread, acrylic, charcoal, oil, wood, polymer clay. Photograph by Matthew Stanton.

Australian-born musician Percy Grainger is primarily known for his work as a composer and pianist, yet his lesser known arrangements and inventions demonstrate the extent of his wide-ranging and innovative endeavours. This exhibition presents and explores the aspect of the polymath in Grainger’s personality, and in those of six contemporary Australian practitioners. John BROOKS, Darren SYLVESTER, Dylan MARTORELL, Alasdair McLUCKIE, Rebecca MONAGHAN, and Kate TUCKER have each responded to the objects held in the Grainger Museum to produce tactile works that push the boundaries of popular aesthetics and social norms.

Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize 2015

2 May - 4 June 2015

Winner of BAAP 2015: Kevin Chin, Less than white 2015, oil on linen (diptych), 198 x 279cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Project

The Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize (BAAP) showcases the best of Australian painting with an overall prize pool of $19,000 including the Acquisitive Prize of $15,000, a Local Art Prize of $3,000 and the $1,000 People's Choice Award. The 33 finalists for 2015 included established artists alongside a fresh wave of local talent that were diverse in style and highlighted contemporary approaches to Australian painting.

The winner of the inaugural Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize was Kevin Chin with his snow covered landscape Less than white 2015 while Stieg Persson took out the Local Art Prize with his witty observational work Brighton Singerie 2015. For further details on the winning works, please view the media release. Shannon Smiley’s work Descent 2014 was awarded the People's Choice Award after receiving the most votes by the public of the 33 finalists exhibited.  Please click here to read more about Shannon Smiley winning the People's Choice Award.

BAAP 2015 finalists:

Benjamin Aitken, Graeme Altmann, Terry Batt, Christopher Beaumont, Dean Bowen, Lynne Boyd, Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown, Jon Cattapan, Kevin Chin, Isobel Clement, Jonathan Crowther, Nanou Dupuis, Prudence Flint, Marc Freeman, Jennifer Goodman, Katherine Hattam, Christine Healy, Richard Knafelc, Margaret Loy Pula, Mark McCarthy, Rob McHaffie, Emily Ngarnal Evans, David Palliser, Stieg Persson, Eugenia Raftopoulos, Reko Rennie, Shannon Smiley, Julian Aubrey Smith, Tai Snaith, Kate Tucker, Deborah Walker, Darren Wardle & Jud Wimhurst.

Please visit the BAAP website to view the finalists' works.

The judging panel for BAAP 2015 included former Deputy Director of the NGV Frances Lindsay AM, Dr Vincent Alessi, Curatorial Manager, Ian Potter Museum of Art, and Julie Skate, Gallery Supervisor, The Gallery @ BACC.

Graeme Base

14 March - 26 April 2015

Graeme Base, Lazy Lions Lounging in the Local Library 1983-84, watercolour gouache and pencil on hot press illustration board, 75 cm x 100 cm. Collection of the artist. Image courtesy of the artist and [MARS] Gallery

The Gallery @ BACC is pleased to present a large body of original artworks by Australia's most successful picture book author and illustrator, Graeme Base. Base's popular books are loved for their intricate, vibrantly coloured watercolour and acrylic paintings that crowd each page, entrancing readers with activity and detail. This exhibition also offers fans of his work an opportunity to view two works from Base's best known and most loved books, the alliterative animal alphabet Animalia.

Daniel Crawshaw: High Country Gothic

A Gippsland Art Gallery touring exhibition

28 March - 26 April 2015

Daniel Crawshaw, Afon Glaslyn 2013, oil on canvas, 170 x 152cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Gippsland Art Gallery

The dazzling alpine landscapes of Gippsland and Wales are the subjects of High Country Gothic, a suite of new paintings by London-based Welsh artist Daniel Crawshaw.
As an artist who has painted and travelled widely, Crawshaw works in the tradition of the artistexplorer, seeking out aesthetic experiences in remote and inhospitable corners of the planet.
The works that result from Crawshaw’s travels are powerfully evocative, and capture the cold atmosphere of high altitude regions. These majestic paintings express the sheer wonder of remote Wales and Gippsland, framed within vaporous clouds and barren terrain.

Exhibition Supporters

Garry Bish: The spaces within

14 January - 8 March 2015

Garry Bish, Vessel: BL wasn't here 2014, stoneware, 14 x 22 x 22 cm. Image courtesy of the artist. Credit: Andy Banks.

Garry Bish is known for his varied collection of unique ceramic forms that use decals and screen printing to create a textured surface on the object which distort perspective and compels the viewer to take a closer look. Drawing works dating from the year 2000 until today, The spaces within shows both the depth in Bish's work as well as his relentless fascination with exploring pictorial depth dimension and its relationship to free-standing objects.

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