Banksia Point Beaumaris artwork by Jessie L Evans

Banksia Point Beaumaris

Jessie L Evans, date unknown

  • Born Albury, New South Wales 1860
  • Died Melbourne 1943
  • Oil on canvas 41x71.4cm
  • Reproduction courtesy of Lauraine Diggins Fine Art

About the painting

Jessie Evans’ painting of this quiet part of the bay known locally as Banksia Point is evidence of her understanding of many of the ideals of the ‘Heidelberg School’ artists.

Following the example of earlier en plein-air  (out of doors) painters in the area, she focussed on coastal landscapes, foreshore scenes and the twisting Tea-trees and banksias.

About the artist

A long-time resident of Brighton, Evans studied at the National Gallery School in Melbourne alongside E. Phillips Fox, Arthur Streeton and Fred McCubbin. Despite this august group of peers, her own artistic career was constrained by the social conventions of her time.

Evans’ father restricted her participation in exhibitions with the result that her surviving works are rarely titled or dated.

In 1889 the famous 9 x 5 Impression Exhibition was held just down the road from the National Gallery School.

Considering that the exhibitors included many of her former fellow students, it seems likely that Evans not only saw the exhibited works but was involved in subsequent lively discussions about the show in Melbourne art circles.

Even though she did not exhibit after 1896, she continued to paint throughout her life.

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