Fishing Nets artwork by Frank Latimer

Fishing Nets

Frank Latimer, date unknown

  • Born Melbourne 1886
  • Died Melbourne 1974
  • Oil on canvas 19.2x34.3cm
  • Private Collection, Victoria

About the painting

In Fishing Nets Latimer depicts the activities of local fisherman as they tended their nets. He painted the coast from a number of nearby locations.  

About the artist

In the popular study of 20th Century art, the focus has generally been on those artists who embraced a modernist vision at the expense of painters of a more traditional style.

Such an artist was Frank Latimer, whose naturalistic style was considered ‘unfashionable’ by the ruling tastes of his day.

Latimer was a quiet, unassuming man who lived for many years in Middleton Road, Black Rock.

Frank Latimer trained as a commercial photographer but during the First World War he served as a pilot and was on hand when the Red Baron was shot down in France behind Allied lines.

Latimer provided the official photographs of the fallen flier and then participated in the honour guard that watched over his body before burial.

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