Mentone 1889 artwork by Tom Roberts


Tom Roberts, 1889

  • Born England 1856
  • Arrived Australia 1869
  • Died Australia 1931
  • Oil on cedar panel 11.8 x 19.9 cm

About the painting

Tom Roberts exhibited 62 works at the 9 x 5 Impression Exhibition in Melbourne in August 1889 and this is one of a number that sold over the two exhibition weeks.

About the artist

Tom Roberts has been called ‘the father of Australian landscape painting’.

He was certainly integral in drawing together the personalities that painted at the artists' camps which became known as the ‘Heidelberg School’.

Following searing comments from the leading art critic of the day – James Smith of the Argus – Roberts, Streeton and Conder felt the need to defend their art.

Together they wrote a letter which was published in the Argus in September 1889.

It is worth reflecting on the struggle these artists wrestled with at a time when they were producing work that we now regard as Australian masterpieces.

It is fitting that this part of the trail ends with this work of the beautiful cliffs of Beaumaris.

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