Storm Clouds Over Half Moon Bay by Anne Montgomery

Storm Clouds Over Half Moon Bay

Anne Montgomery, c. 1953

  • Born Melbourne 1908
  • Died Melbourne 1991
  • Oil on board 30.0 x 38.0 cm
  • Private Collection -Reproduction courtesy of the artist’s family and Rod Eastgate Gallery

About the painting

Storms are a familiar experience in this part of Port Phillip Bay. During the early 1930s fierce weather caused the dramatic erosion of the foreshore and beaches as well as the destruction of many bathing boxes.

The extensive seawall constructions that now stretch from Black Rock to Beaumaris are a legacy of this period.

In this painting the brooding weather is accurately captured with ominous rain clouds gathering over the waters of Half Moon Bay.

Montgomery has used a distinctive range of colours to heighten the sense of anticipation and disquiet in the scene.

Note the rusting hulk of the Cerberus serving as a sheltering breakwater on the right.

Named after the ferocious three-headed dog which guarded the gates of the underworld in Greek mythology, the Cerberus was a state-of-the-art warship which patrolled Port Phillip Bay from 1871.

It never fired a shot in anger and was scuttled in 1926.

About the artist

Anne Montgomery, born in Melbourne in 1908, was the daughter of noted stained-glass window maker William Montgomery.

The post-war era in Australian painting was a time when many artists and writers fled their country and headed to Europe to escape a supposed Australian philistinism.

However Montgomery, and less notable artists, stayed put and were able to find unique expression in local landscapes such as this one.Montgomery had a studio for many years in nearby Masefield Avenue.

Then, as now, this cliff top provided a clear vantage point from which to observe the path of storms charging their way across the bay.

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