Historical painting south of Black Rock Point

The Little Beach

The Little Beach south of Black Rock Point was rescued from obliteration in 1970. For several days the Sandringham City Council trucks had dumped rubble, including concrete blocks, on the shore south of the car park, covering up a considerable stretch of sand.

This so-called reclamation would eventually rid the shore of a charming beach, shore platform and cliffs of geological interest. However, conservationists and other beach lovers mounted a protest and the project soon came to a halt.

In 1972 the Victorian Minister for Conservation directed the Council to remove the rubble and leave the cliffs in their present condition and in April 1973 the rubble was moved from the shore.

Educators and scientists value the area, which was declared the first of Victoria’s coastal ‘Sites of Special Scientific Interest’. A member of the University of Melbourne Geography Department began a study so that observations over 10 years could form the basis of a management plan.

The Black Rock Point area, including Little Beach, is easily accessible and is important for recreation including swimming, snorkelling, exploring rock pools and enjoying the cliff scenery.

Page last updated: 10 Dec 2010