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Fees, charges and policies

From 1 July 2016

  • Fines: 35c per day, per item (adults) or 10c per day, per item for junior, teenage, older adults (age 65+)
  • Inter-library loans:
    • Other public libraries: fees apply $2.80 (adults) or $1.50 for junior, teenage and older adults (age 65+)
    • Academic/special libraries: $16.50 plus any additional costs incurred.
  • Replacements:
    • lost/damaged library card:  $5.50
    • lost/damaged item: replacement cost of the item
    • lost/damaged magazine: $11.00
    • lost/damaged single CD from audio book set (when possible): $11.00, otherwise replacement cost of set
  • Photocopying and printing: B&W: 20c per A4 page, 30c per A3 page  Colour: $1 per A4 page, $1.60 per A3 page
  • Faxes: (national and international) $3.00 first page, $1.30 per page thereafter, .30c per page to receive a fax
  • Library bags: $3


Membership and conditions of use


• Library membership is free

• Customers are required to present their library card or photo ID to borrow items

• Up to thirty items may be borrowed on your card. These can be borrowed from and returned to any branch of the Bayside Library Service

• Members are responsible for any items borrowed on their card. Damaged items should be reported on return, and no attempt should be made to rectify damage

• All items (except magazines) may be borrowed for 4 weeks. Magazines may be borrowed for 2 weeks.

• Items, including overdues, may be renewed twice by phone, web site or at a branch on or before the due date unless they are reserved by another borrower or there fines of over $10 or other charges on the card

• Overdue notices (via post or email) are a courtesy reminder for your convenience

• Members who provide an email address will also receive a courtesy reminder email 3 days before items are due

• Charges apply for the late return, loss or damage of items. The borrower or guarantor is liable to pay these charges

• Charges that are outstanding for more than 60 days may be referred to a collection agency

• Membership privileges may be suspended if there are long overdue items and outstanding charges

• Reservations for items currently on loan and inter-branch transfers of items available at another Bayside Library branch are free of charge

• An Inter Library Loan service is available for items not held by Bayside Library Service. A fee is charged for this service

• Inter-Library Loan and lost membership card charges are non-refundable

• Please notify the Bayside Library Service immediately of any change of name or address

• Please report lost cards immediately. The library member will be held responsible for any items borrowed before the loss is reported

• Any funds credited to your library card for printer/copier use are unable to be refunded if the card is lost

• Check at your local branch or on the library website for a current list of fees and charges

Conduct in the Library

• Bayside Libraries are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for our customers and staff. Unsociable behaviour such as harassment, aggression or the use of inappropriate language, is not acceptable.

• Library staff have the right to ask customers behaving in an unacceptable manner to leave the building. People who consistently behave in an unacceptable manner may be refused entry to the Library for a specified period.

Council collects your/your child’s personal information for the purpose of processing your/your child’s membership application. We are unable to process this application without this information. If you have any queries or wish to gain access to your information, please contact Council’s privacy officer on 9599 4444 or at

Page last updated: 30 Jun 2016