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2021 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition winners

We are proud to present the winners of the 2021 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition.

Artists submitted artwork to the theme of  "Embracing the Moment". A big thank you to all the entrants who displayed their creativity in this year's exhibition, and a big congratulations to the 2021 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition winners.



Primary Category (10-12 years) 


Graphic image of  6 balloons filled with art, and a silhouette holding onto them.

Name: Isabella
Age: 12
Title: Moments in Time
Medium: Digital
Description: The moments in this picture are to be treasured and embraced - and frozen, perfect and crystal clear, inside our memories and hearts.


Drawing of a hand and 6 butterflies in grey lead pencil

Name: Lucia
Age: 11
Title: Let Your Thoughts Fly Free
Medium: Drawing
Description: I think that butterflies symbolise being in the moment through their beauty and symbol of life and luck. I drew a hand reaching out to them to represent their freedom and the feeling of reflection or happiness.



Portrait of a girl closing her eyes

Name: Erin
Age: 12
Title: Self portrait
Medium: 12
Description: Self portrait that captures a moment when I gave myself permission to let my guard down.

Middle Years


Photocomposition of a thousand portraits, combined makes an overarching portrait

Name: India
Age: 14
Title: The Distraction
Medium: Photography
Description: She’s staring into the phone by distracting herself from the world, all she sees is the negatives in life as fake, unrealistic… look closer by zooming to see moments hidden


Painting of eyes glazed over - Art Exhibition

Name: Elissa
Age: 14
Title: Chronoception
Medium: Oil on canvas paper
Description: My artwork aims to convey the feeling of loss of time perception, an antonym of embracing the moment. My art aims to convey the feeling of disassociation from the present.


Photocomposition of 2 young children holding a butterfly net looking into the light , and butterflies and sun glare

Name: Lola 
Age: 14
Title: I see the light for a moment
Medium: Digital - Adobe Photoshop
Description: I wanted to create a magical feeling of children sharing a moment together.



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Name: Jaime
Age: 17
Title: ID
Medium: Watercolour
Description: This piece represents the emotion and journey that todays youth have to endure to feel truly excepted, within themselves. This journey includes putting up many different facades in different experiences to feel safe and excepted. This is shown through the vast range identities captured in this piece.


Painting of a woman with long orange wavy hair with her eyes closed - art exhibition

Name: Amelia
Age: 18
Title: Mindfulness
Description: I began this artwork during the COVID 19 lockdown last year and used it as a chance to separate myself from the chaos of the world and take time in my day for mindfulness.



Painting of skulls flowers vases, and teacups in the style of Dutch Vanitas

Name: Nicole
Age: 18
Title: Be in the present
Medium: Oil on canvas
Description: Inspired by Dutch Vanitas painting. My acrylic painting "Be in present" emphasises the fragility and transience of life and intent to call on the current society to focus on the present.

Committee Choice Award

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Name: Katy
Age: 22
Title: Path to New Beginnings

Community Choice Award

Painting of a game screen versus reality of trees and people and clouds

Name: Ariel
Age: 11
Title: Fantasy verses Minecraft
Medium: Acrylic & Maker on Canvas
Description: During the recent lockdown for a homeschooling art project, I embraced an opportunity to paint my favourite game Minecraft. The painting depicts Personified Real-Life Fantasy verse Minecraft characters.


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