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What is yarnbombing?

Yarnbombing is a form of street art in which an object or structure in a public space is covered with decorative knitted or crocheted material.

Colourful eggs on the Brighton Town Hall steps
Yarnbombing by the GLAD Rappers outside Bayside Council Chambers

Yarnbombing in Bayside

Do you crochet or knit? Would you like to learn how to?

The iconic Black Rock Clock Tower has been revealed as the site for Bayside’s yarnbombing extravaganza to be installed in the winter of 2023 and Bayside City Council in conjunction with the GLAD Rappers are seeking the community’s involvement to help bring this amazing project to life.

Throughout the winter and spring of 2022, we will be hosting workshops for all skill levels throughout Bayside.

Come along and meet some of the GLAD Rappers, learn about yarnbombing and make some pieces to contribute to the yarnbombing of one or more of Bayside's iconic landmarks. Come and see what fun can be had adding a bit of woolly colour to inanimate objects!

The final installations will be in place for 6 weeks in Winter 2023. At the end of the project in, all rectangles will be donated to KOGO (Knit One Give One), an organisation that creates blankets for shelters, aged care homes, people in need, and those affected by disaster.

You can join us at one of the workshops below, or get involved from home.

Colourful knitted and crocheted rectangles. Image courtesy the GLAD Rappers.


Get involved at home


Lady and man sitting on the couch and knitting

We are seeking crocheted and knitted rectangles, A4 size (approx. 21cm x 30cm), in block single colours from the rainbow.

The rectangles need to naturally lie flat, for example using a garter stitch, moss stitch knitting, corner to corner or granny style crochet, and be solid rather than lace.

For durability, acrylic yarn is best suited with a maximum weight 8ply, DK.

You can drop or mail your squares to any of our library branches, Bayside Gallery, or Sandringham Corporate Centre.


Upcoming Workshops

Please keep an eye on this page for upcoming workshops.

Image one, grandma and granddaughter knitting. Image two, lots of handing reaching in to choose wool colour. Image three, two ladies knitting.