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2020 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition

Welcome to the 2020 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition. We are delighted to share the brilliant responses of 133 young artists, aged 10-25 who live, study or play in Bayside to the theme "Wonderful World".

Their works incorporate resilience, climate change and connecting to new members of the community, using a mixture of digital drawings, artwork on skateboards, portraits, hand drawings and photography.

Enjoy the artwork below. Winners of this age category to be announced, watch this space...

Ages 10-12 Ages 13-15 Ages 16-25

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Purchasing artwork

This year, when submitting, artists had the opportunity to nominate to sell their artwork. Those that have chosen to, have indicated their prices throughout the gallery.

If you are interested in purchasing the artwork, please youth_services [at] bayside.vic.gov.au (subject: Interest%20in%20purchasing%20artwork) (contact Bayside Youth Services via email) with your preferred contact details and which artwork you would like to purchase.

2020 Winners announcement

We are proud to present the winners of the 2020 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition.

View the 2020 winners

The 2020 Bayside Youth Art Exhibition is a FReeZA event. FReeZA is a Victorian Government initiative that supports young Victorians to get involved in their community by planning and running drug, smoke and alcohol-free music and cultural events for other young people.