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Small Activity Centres Strategy (C126)

Our small shopping strips provide daily conveniences, local employment and services. They are the places where you can pick up your milk and bread, see the hairdresser or dentist, or grab a coffee with a friend. To ensure these small shopping strips continue to thrive into the future, we prepared the Bayside Small Activity Centres Strategy 2014.

We are implementing the strategy into the Bayside Planning Scheme through Amendment C126.

Planning Scheme Amendment C126

We are implementing the strategy into the Bayside Planning Scheme through Amendment C126. The amendment implements the strategy by:

  • Establishing a defined role and vision for each small shopping centre.
  • Introducing design guidelines for new development including height and setback controls.
  • Rezoning some commercial strips to encourage a greater range of local uses to meet the community needs.

Where are we up to?

Having already sought feedback on the amendment in March 2017, we received over 90 submissions from the community. In response, we undertook a review of the Small Activity Centres Strategy and Amendment C126 to consider the issues raised by submitters and the changes which have occurred in the centres over time.

The Council considered the recommendations of the review at its 20 February 2018 Ordinary Meeting and resolved to:

  • Adopt the outcomes of the review of the Small Activity Centres Strategy 2014 and Amendment C126.
  • Amend the C126 documentation to reflect the outcomes of the review.
  • Write to the Minister for Planning seeking re-authorisation of Amendment C126.
  • Re-exhibit Amendment C126 once re-authorisation is granted, and
  • Write to all submitters to advise of its decision.

Re-exhibition of Amendment C126

Following a second stage of public exhibition, we are now considering the submissions received and deciding whether to make further changes to Amendment C126. A response to submissions will be presented to Council later in 2018. Submitters will be notified in advance of the date of the Council meeting.

View the Amendment Documents

Explanatory report

Instruction sheet
Clauses and schedules
Local Planning Policy Framework

Design and Development Overlays

Map sheets

Supporting documents, clauses and schedules in track changes format

The revised amendment documentation is available to view free of charge at the following places:

The originally exhibited amendment documentation is available here.

What happens next?

Once the exhibition is completed, all submissions will be considered by Council. Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council can decide whether to make the change requested by submissions to the amendment or request that the Minister for Planning appoints an independent panel to review and hear submissions.

Before making a final decision on the amendment, Council will consider the independent panel’s advice. If the amendment is adopted by Council, then it will be submitted to the Minister for Planning for final approval.

Panel hearing dates

  • Directions hearing: 17 September 2018
  • Panel hearing: 22 October 2018

Panel Hearing dates are subject to change, however, confirmation will be provided to any person who makes a submission to the amendment.

How can I stay informed?

If you would like to stay up to date on the status of the amendment without making a submission, you can subscribe for email updates on this and other amendments.

For any questions, contact our Strategic Planning department on (03) 9599 4631 or email AmendmentC126 [at] bayside.vic.gov.au (.)