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Bayside Small Activity Centres Strategy (C126)

Our small shopping strips provide daily conveniences, local employment and services. They are the places where you can pick up your milk and bread, see the hairdresser or dentist, or grab a coffee with a friend. To ensure these small shopping strips continue to thrive into the future, Council prepared the Bayside Small Activity Centres Strategy 2014 adopted by Council in March 2016.

Planning Scheme Amendment C126

Amendment C126 proposes to implement the strategy by introducing height controls and design guidelines, and rezoning some commercial strips to encourage a greater range of local uses to meet the community needs.

What happens next?

Once the Minister for Planning authorises Council to prepare Amendment C126, a public exhibition process will commence.

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Small Activity Centre Strategy Part 1  (PDF, 2.72MB)

Small Activity Centre Strategy Part 2 (PDF, 9.98MB)

Small Activity Centre Strategy Part 3 (PDF, 12.74MB)

Alternatively, printed copies are available at all Council libraries, and at the Corporate Centre, 76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham VIC 3191.