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Small Activity Centres Strategy (C126)

Our small shopping strips provide daily conveniences, local employment and services. They are the places where you can pick up your milk and bread, see the hairdresser or dentist, or grab a coffee with a friend. To ensure these small shopping strips continue to thrive into the future, we prepared the Bayside Small Activity Centres Strategy 2014.

We are implementing the strategy into the Bayside Planning Scheme through Amendment C126.

Planning Scheme Amendment C126

Amendment C126 implements the strategy by introducing height controls and design guidelines for most centres, and rezoning some commercial strips to encourage a greater range of local uses to meet the community needs. View the explanatory report below for the full list of changes proposed.

Where are we up to?

Having received 90 submissions to the Amendment, Council resolved to review the Small Activity Centres Strategy and Amendment C126 to consider the issues raised by submitters and the changes which have occurred in the centres over time. 

Council is considering the recommendations of the review at its 20 February 2018 Ordinary Meeting.

Which centres are affected?


Balcombe Park centre, Beaumaris (PDF, 612.93KB)

Balcombe Road and Charman Road centre, Beaumaris (PDF, 555.28KB)

Keys Street centre, Beaumaris (PDF, 669.67KB)

Seaview shopping centre, Beaumaris (PDF, 727.01KB)

Weatherall Road and Morey Road centre, Beaumaris (PDF, 439.15KB)

Weatherall Road shopping centre, Beaumaris (PDF, 648.07KB)

Black Rock

Bluff Road and Arranmore Avenue centre, Black Rock (PDF, 1.25MB)

Bluff Road and Love Street centre, Black Rock (PDF, 178.67KB)

Black Rock/Sandringham

Bluff Road and Edward Street centre, Black Rock/Sandringham (PDF, 526.60KB)

Brighton (includes Middle and East)

Brighton Beach (Were Street) centre, Brighton (PDF, 838.29KB)

Dendy Village centre, Brighton (PDF, 631.01KB)

East Brighton centre, Brighton East (PDF, 743.32KB)

Esplanade and Grosvenor Street centre, Middle Brighton (PDF, 707.62KB)

Hampton Street and Durrant Street centre, Brighton (PDF, 515.61KB)

Hawthorn Road centre, Brighton East (PDF, 686.92KB)

Nepean Highway and Centre Road centre, Brighton East (PDF, 904.62KB)

Nepean Highway and Milroy Street centre, Brighton East (PDF, 691.25KB)

Nepean Highway and North Road centre, Brighton East (PDF, 533.31KB)

Nepean Highway and Union Street centre, Brighton East (PDF, 676.29KB)

New Street and Bay Street centre, Brighton (PDF, 735.03KB)

New Street and Martin Street centre, Brighton (PDF, 673.04KB)

South Road and Esplanade Avenue centre, Brighton (PDF, 859.55KB)

Thomas Street and Egan Street centre, Brighton East  (PDF, 581.35KB)


Bay Road and Avoca Street centre, Cheltenham (PDF, 569.73KB)

Bay Road and Jack Road centre, Cheltenham (PDF, 644.44KB)

Hampton (includes Hampton East)

Bluff Road and Highett Road centre, Hampton (PDF, 583.61KB)

Keith Street and Widdop Crescent centre, Hampton East (PDF, 577.68KB)

Ludstone Street centre, Hampton (PDF, 574.31KB)

South Road Plaza, Hampton (PDF, 755.52KB)


Little Highett Village (Highett Road and Spring Road) centre, Highett (PDF, 500.67KB)


Beach Road and Georgiana Street centre, Sandringham (PDF, 632.43KB)

Bluff Road and Bay Road centre, Sandringham (PDF, 567.06KB)

Bluff Road and Spring Street centre, Sandringham (PDF, 573.94KB)

How can I find out more?

The amendment documentation is available for public inspection, free of charge, during office hours at the following places:

If you would like to stay up to date on the status of the amendment without making a submission, you can subscribe for email updates on this and other amendments.

For any questions, contact our Strategic Planning department on (03) 9599 4631 or email AmendmentC126 [at] bayside.vic.gov.au