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Annual Report highlights

Take a look at our 2017/18 organisational highlights and read about how we are working towards making Bayside a better place.

We provide a wide range services for the Bayside community, along with developing and maintaining key public infrastructure.

Services provided

In 2017/2018 we:

  • maintained over 371 kilometres of local roads
  • cared for 66,000 park and street trees
  • tended more than 416 hectares of open space, playing fields and reserves
  • provided 101,000 hours of in-home support for older and less-abled residents
  • maintained 42 shopping centres
  • delivered over 24,700 meals
  • held more than 15,640 child health consultations
  • collected 4.0 million bins
  • supported 45 organisations and individuals through $133,945 worth of grants
  • returned, on average, 3 lost pets to their owners every week

Infrastructure projects

We invested $40.42 million in projects such as:

  • $15.21 million on buildings such as Banksia Reserve Pavilion, Dendy Park Soccer/Cricket Pavilion, Castlefield Reserve Pavilion and Cheltenham Recreation Reserve Pavilion
  • $6.85 million on parks, open space, streetscapes plus foreshore and conservation
  • $4.6 million on roads
  • $2.9 million on footpaths and bicycle ways

Read about our goals

Download the Annual Report

People walking out of sport pavilion