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Apply for the Connections art and dementia program

Program details


Each tour will last for approximately one (1) hour and will include the discussion of three (3) separate works of art.

Set up

There is some movement required between works but participants will be seated throughout the discussions. It will however be necessary for the agency carers to assist participants during these movements. Connections staff will move the furniture for the participants.

Session length

Due to the nature of the program, it is preferred that the same group of residents attend over the four (4) week period. We understand however if this is not possible and changes need to be made week by week. Late cancellations can also be accommodated due to the nature of the participants.


Please also advise if there are known considerations that the facilitators need to keep in mind when communicating with the participants (i.e. hearing, limited vision or other health considerations).


Please provide a list of the participant and carer names three (3) days prior to the session.

Contact details of care facility