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Apply for a residential tradesperson parking permit

Use this form to apply for a residential tradesperson parking permit. For commercial bay permits please call (03) 9599 4626.

Residential parking restrictions

For residential parking locations, permits can be issued for a maximum of 3 weeks at any one time and for a maximum of 3 vehicles.


The permits cost $70 per week, per vehicle. For example, 2 vehicles parked for 2 weeks will cost $280.00.


We will review your submitted information and if approved, you will receive your permit by mail within 7-10 working days.

Your contact details
Postal address

Maximum of 3 vehicles.
Maximum of 3 weeks.
Guidelines and responsibilities for residential parking permits
  • Council does not guarantee the availability of the bays, and it is the permit holder’s responsibility to barricade and/or reserve the bays the evening prior to the works.
  • All barricades and signage are to accord with the Australian Standards for traffic management.
  • All of the works associated with the reservation of the bays must be removed immediately following the completion of the works.
  • These permits will only be valid for streets listed in Council’s Residential Parking Policy Scheme and not valid for use in Commercial Zoned Areas/Shopping Centres.
  • The permit will be issued for a maximum of three (3) weeks at any one time and for a maximum of three (3) vehicles.
  • The permit holder must immediately comply with any direction given by an Authorised Council Officer, or member of the Victorian Police.
  • The permit holder shall ensure that the permit is kept current at all times.
  • Council must be notified immediately any portion of the area utilised is changed.
  • Any work on or adjacent to the site shall not represent an unacceptable risk to health and safety to the public.
  • The permit holder shall make provision for traffic and pedestrians in accordance with these conditions and the relevant sections of AS1724.3, Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Part 3, and Traffic Control Devices for Works on Roads.
  • Permit holders must comply with the Road Management Act of 2004, Part 5, Division 1, Clause 63.

1 vehicle for 1 week$70.00
1 vehicle for 2 weeks$140.00
1 vehicle for 3 weeks$210.00
2 vehicles for 1 week$140.00
2 vehicles for 2 weeks$280.00
2 vehicles for 3 weeks$420.00
3 vehicles for 1 week$210.00
3 vehicles for 2 weeks$420.00
3 vehicles for 3 weeks$630.00
Credit card surcharge - 0.62%
This payment form accepts Visa and Mastercard

Please note that your payment may not be updated until the following business day and that Visa or MasterCard payments will be subject to a 0.62% surcharge.