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Art and heritage collection

We hold an art and heritage collection of over 2,000 items. The collection was principally formed by combining the artwork of the former Sandringham and Brighton City Councils when they merged in 1994. Artworks and heritage objects are displayed at our Corporate Centre in Sandringham, Bayside Gallery and heritage buildings such as Black Rock House.

The collection

The collection includes various forms of art including:

  • paintings
  • works on paper
  • ceramics
  • glass
  • textiles
  • mosaics
  • sculpture.

The most significant works are those by:

  • Clarice Beckett
  • Charles Douglas Richardson
  • Margaret Baskerville
  • Jessie Traill
  • Charles E. Gordon-Frazer
  • John Irvine. 

Many artistic works in the collection depict local subjects, especially local properties, the beach and the sea.

Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize

The annual Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize and exhibition were established in 2015 to develop the collection. It also provides opportunities for participation in Bayside’s arts and cultural program along with fostering a sense of identity, pride and place in Bayside. The winner in 2015 was Less than White by Kevin Chin and in 2016 Passivity: after ‘an episode from a fight’ by Peter Westwood.


We hold a number of important large outdoor sculptures. The most significant works are by artists:

  • Guy Boyd
  • Jeffery Wilkinson
  • Lenton Parr
  • Charles Douglas Richardson
  • Margaret Baskerville.

Indigenous art

We acknowledge the traditional owners of this area, the Boon Wurrung people. The collection includes works by Kirrae Wurrung artist Vicki Couzens, Aboriginal artist Glenn Romanis and Torres Strait Islander artist Ellen José.

Support Bayside Gallery

Bayside Gallery is an eligible participant in the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. This program encourages Australians to donate items of cultural significance from private collections to public art galleries, museums, libraries and archives.

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The heritage collection

The collection contains a range of heritage objects relating to municipal and local history, including photographs, documents, plans, maps, furniture, memorials and civic objects.

Of particular interest are maps, plans, drawings and photographs documenting the early settlement of the area. Items relating to Henry Dendy are significant in terms of local history and for researching his life and activities. Dendy (1800–1881) is considered the founder of Brighton and is best known for his land purchase in 1841, known as Dendy's Special Survey.

Important resources for local history research include three illuminated certificates which provide detailed census information in the years 1861, 1866 and 1872. The collection also includes a number of mayoral regalia, such as robes and chains.

Documents relating to Thomas Bent are of significance for historic reasons and for their research potential relating to Victorian political history and development of the state.

The Brighton Civic Centre houses significant furniture created especially for the building by Grant Featherston, arguably Australia’s most celebrated modernist furniture designer.

A large portion of the heritage collection was collected to interpret the historic property Black Rock House. The most significant component is a collection of historic textiles and clothing. Black Rock House is open to the public via tours hosted by the Friends of Black Rock House