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Andrew Byrne with Baroque lute

A singular performance

25 July 2017
Early music enthusiasts will delight in our upcoming Resonance concert - Lyra Eterna - showcasing...

Featherston chairs all round

24 July 2017
The Bayside Council Chambers in Brighton will be open to the public this weekend as part of...
Our Gardens, Our Refuge features images of 58 private Bayside gardens

Celebrating Bayside gardens at ARTrium

13 July 2017
Our Gardens, Our Refuge provides a sneak peek beyond the front gate of 58 of Bayside’s much loved...

A plan for a better Bayside

6 July 2017
Bayside City Council has laid the ground work for a better Bayside with the adoption of the Council...


Sculpture of a snake in a garden

Fictitious Realities exhibition

1 Jul - 3 Sep 2017

Curated by Robert Lindsay, this sculpture exhibition explores unusual and captivating realities which play with scale.

Curved ceramic sculpture in green, blue and red glazes

Gallery window exhibition: Fragments of Landscape by Jill Symes

1 Jul - 10 Sep 2017

Local artist Jill Symes presents an exhibition of undulating clay slab sculptures inspired by the Australian terrain.

Indigenous work depicting a long necked turtle and a snake, white, black and ochre colours on a mottled black and red background

The art of Kakadu, Brighton Library

15 Aug - 14 Sep 2017

Beaumaris Rotary present The art of Kakadu, an exhibition highlighting the art and artists of Jabiru and the Kakadu National Park.

heavily planted garden, green plants, pot plants, and crazy paving. A child in the background

Our gardens, our refuge at Beaumaris Library

16 Aug - 13 Sep 2017

Our gardens, our refuge is an exhibition of photographs of private gardens that reveal their owners relationships with them.