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East meets west: New chamber music for clarinet trio

East meets west concert

1 September 2017
An east meets west concert for clarinet trio from Australia and Tatarstan will be held on Sunday 3...
An afternoon of dance in the Renaissance

An afternoon of Renaissance dance

25 August 2017
Take time out to enjoy the sights and sounds of Europe in the 16th – 17th centuries this weekend...
Andrew Byrne with Baroque lute

A singular performance

25 July 2017
Early music enthusiasts will delight in our upcoming Resonance concert - Lyra Eterna - showcasing...

Featherston chairs all round

24 July 2017
The Bayside Council Chambers in Brighton will be open to the public this weekend as part of...


Painting of lush vegetation

Shannon Smiley: Out of order

11 Nov - 17 Dec 2017

In Out of order, former Bayside Artist in Residence Shannon Smiley, finds beauty in the everyday.

ensemble performers dressed in black

An afternoon of child-like delight

12 Nov 2017

In their final 2017 presentation, the Bayside Chamber Orchestra unleash their inner children for an afternoon of playful delight.

White ceramic heads on a black background

Clay at Firbank

25 Nov - 17 Dec 2017

Clay at Firbank is a survey exhibition of outstanding ceramic works produced by Firbank Grammar students.

painting with a blue background of the backs of three mermaids with black hats long blond hair with coloured scales, blue, pink, green, purple and red

A whimsical life with Bayley House

29 Nov - 20 Dec 2017

A whimsical life explores what it means to be playful, fanciful and mischievous.