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Artists Studio Program

We have long been associated with the arts and have a rich cultural heritage. In keeping with this tradition, the Artists Studio Program was established in 2009.

What is the Artists Studio Program?

The program supports the development of new works by contemporary artists in the garden setting of Billilla historic mansion at 26 Halifax Street, Brighton, and also aims to:

  • Create opportunities for community connections with contemporary artists.
  • Provide the Bayside community opportunities to participate in local contemporary art projects.
  • Encourage appreciation of arts and culture within the local community.
  • Utilise art as a platform for engaging the community.


Artists Studio Program 2018–2019

Artist  Medium  Studio name
Melissa Manning Writer Laundry studio
Ara Dolatian Visual artist Parr studio
Jw (Joiwind) Lowe Visual artist Traill studio
Daniel Jenatsch Composer & sound designer Beckett studio
Tamara Tallent Visual Artist Tayler studio
Hayley Lawson-Smith Writer Marshall studio

Many thanks to each of the artists who completed expressions of interest in gaining a placement at Billilla mansion studios. We received many high quality and deserving submissions and we would like to convey well wishes in future endeavours to all applicants.

The artist studios are located on the grounds of historic Billilla Mansion in the servants quarters. Many of the studios are named after prominent local artists:

  • Beckett studio - Clarice Beckett, visual artist
  • Grainger studio - Percy Grainger, composer
  • Marshall studio - Alan Marshall, writer
  • Parr studio - Lenton Parr, visual artist
  • Tayler studio - Lloyd Tayler, visual artist.
  • Laundry studio has held on to its historic name.


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