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Artist in Residence application information

At the rear of Billilla are 8 studios in the old servants quarters, coach house, laundry and governess quarters. These residencies are available and are offered to successful applicants for 12 months from July to June annually. The successful artists are able to furnish the space according to their own requirements (at their own cost). The in-kind value of the space is approximately $8,000 ($5,700 rental and $2,300 utility costs).

Artist in Residence studios

Resident artists will have exclusive use of one of the eight designated studios. The residents have access between the hours of 8am to 10pm as well as access to, power, lighting and ample natural light.

Studio Dimensions (approx) Sink Power
Beckett studio (servant quarters) 9 x 2.5m Yes Yes
Grainger studio (servant quarters) 3.5 x 3.5m Yes Yes
Laundry studio 3.5 x 3m Yes Yes
Marshall studio (servant quarters) 3.5 x 3.5m No* Yes
Parr studio (the coach house) 5.27 x 5.41m Yes Yes
Seivers studio (at the rear of the coach house) 4 x 4m No** Yes
Tayler studio (butler quarters) 5.2 x 3.7m Yes Yes
Traill studio (governess quarters and school room) 5 x 4m Yes Yes

A site plan of the studios

*There is access to water from the artist communal space (AIR Space) on the ground floor of the Traill studio.

**There is access to water for the Sievers studio, external to the building near the entrance to the Parr studio.

Additional Information about the Parr studio

The Parr studio is in the coach house and measures 5.27 x 5.41 metres. The coach house includes use of the secure yard. Special conditions for the Parr Studio include:

  • Hot work (welding, oxy cutting etc) and metal cutting, grinding or polishing is not permitted within the room.
  • Hot work is also not permitted within 3 metres of the outbuildings.
  • The sculptor should prepare and provide appropriate job safety analysis, risk assessments and OH&S plans for any work that involves heavy material.

All materials are to be stored within this allocated space and not outside the building.


Accommodation is not included as part of this residency.

Public garden

The gardens surrounding the mansion and the residencies are open to the general public.

Other tenants

Under a leasing arrangement, a small school occupies the historic mansion.

Studio tours

We periodically organise a studio open day of our Artists in Residence program. If you would like to be invited to a studio tour please subscribe to our Arts and Culture eNews.

School groups

Once a year, we organise school groups to tour the studios.