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Artists in Residence 2009-10

The artists in residence for 2009–10 were Kieran Carroll, Tess Milne and Deborah Tate.

Kieran Carroll


Kieran has an eye and ear for Melbourne culture and has expressed this in his awarded works, exemplified in his play – ‘Friday night, in Town’.  

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Tess Milne

Multimedia artist

Tess is an award-winning emerging artist who constructs site models from glass, fabric, timber and paint. She then translates this work through photographs and film using various light sources.

Deborah Tate


Tenure at Billilla has been enjoyed by the opportunity of working in a heritage precinct, engaging in creative dialogue with each other and adding value to existing Bayside cultural programs such as the Bayside Literary Festival, ARTrium Space, Bayside Arts and Cultural Gallery Space and Student Open Days where the artists can share their knowledge and craft with Bayside local youth.