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Artists in Residence 2010-11

The artists in residence for 2010–11 were Kylie Elkington, Leah Kaminsky, Martin Moore and Deborah White.

Kylie Elkington

Visual artist

Kylie works with various media such as oil paint, water colour, gouache and pencil. Kylie’s work at Billilla has been to capture the beautiful grounds of Billilla as they change through the seasons. 

'Individual experiences and cultural histories mould our perceptions and the notion of developing a visual language for ‘mapping’ a place is central to current my undertakings. The works hover gently between being a representation of an actual location and the expression of the poetic feelings about a place to depict diverse real and imagined landscapes through the application of translucent layers of paint over varied surfaces; plywood, board and canvas/linen.'

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Leah Kaminsky


Leah Kaminsky, a physician and award-winning writer, is Poetry & Fiction Editor at the Medical Journal of Australia.

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Martin Moore

Visual artist

The subject of Martin’s work is animal and human forms – often involving distortion.  The work is generally sculpted in clay or plasticine, moulded and then cast in materials such as Bronze.

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Deborah White

New media artist

Deborah has a dedicated new media practice that explores the construction and performance of identity.  Her work tends to use humour to restage personal narratives in a manner that merges the real and unreal to rethink traditional representation.