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Artists in Residence 2012-13

The artists in residence for 2012–13 were Sherrie Knipe, Pauline Luke, Anna Rowbury, Heather B Swann.

Sherrie Knipe

Visual artist, Grainger studio

"After the Deluge - Is a work in progress, begun after the 2011 Queensland flood, the piece is a collection of previous works stacked into a barrow as if salvaged from the floods that were happening in my former residence of Brisbane. A link between current and new ideas."

"Boot Bling - This is a part of three works that reference the 'single object' focus of much of my practice, these pieces are made from bent pine veneer."

"Comb Over - A wall work for installation at the Tweed River At Gallery. The image below was taken during a preliminary layout of pieces."

"Take Away Series - These works reference a larger body of work based on the notion of the multiple used in my practice to create a single object or a single statement while the proposed work aims to continue to explore everyday language and expressions but through a dialogue of diverse objects rather than a collection of like objects."

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Pauline Luke

Writer, Marshall studio

"I endeavour to create books for young adult and older readers that are of literary merit, stimulating thought and discussion as well as promoting the enjoyment of reading. I am currently working on two manuscripts, Moody BayThe Wood Carver's Angel."

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Anna Rowbury

Visual artist, Beckett studio

"Through a range of media I am exploring aspects of my agrarian life and the sense of attachment to place: specifically to the country of the Otway Ranges in southern Victoria. The shed and its contents figures large in the rural psyche. I walk into the shed a few times a day inhabiting the space sometimes for hours on end, experiencing a range of emotions: excitement, anticipation and danger."

"Butcher's Hook - I made these butcher's hooks to reflect the metallic qualities of old bits of metal that one finds in sheds."

"Shed Asemblage - The shed assemblage work tries to convey feelings as I experience them in the shed. I place objects and light them in a way that reflects my experience."

"The Pale - is an interpretation of one of a number of vessels that are in my garden. 'Buckets' are fundamental to the rural experience. Their uses are many: they help fight fires, store garden tools, water plants and carry produce."

"The Trowel - This image is one of the many garden tools I have sculptured in clay. The surface work on the tool replicates the history a hand tool develops through years of use."

Heather B Swann

Visual artist, Parr studio

"I have been seduced by the idea of a studio in an historic house, close to the sea, I thrive on working in a personal space but within a creative community."

"I work in wood, metal, paper, leather and modelling compounds, as well as making large ink drawings. The Billilla Artist in Residence Program provides an ideal setting for making my next body of work. I propose to develop and complete a body of work - sculpture and drawings - for exhibition at the new Karen Woodbury Gallery city space in 2013. This sequence goes under the working title of Boy in Love."

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