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Artists in Residence 2013-14

The artists in residence for 2013–14 were Marynes Avila, Samantha-Ellen Bound, Kristen Halkett, Guy Little and Jane Sullivan.

Marynes Avila

Visual artist, Parr studio

"My work implements the use of multiples as 'data connectors' by investigating the uniqueness of each individual unit and is interrelationship with the group. This provides the viewer with a fertile ground for the rethinking and the redefinition of the object and its social/cultural function."

"The Bayside Artist in Residence programme will provide me with a unique space and environment to create a new body of work. I will gravitate between digital photography, drawings on paper and a series of paintings referring to the Bayside environment. Seeing life through the eyes of multiples and reassigning them with a different meaning will contribute to new knowledge in the field of Visual Arts."

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Samantha-Ellen Bound

Writer, Grainger studio

"I am a writer who predominantly works in Children's novels, although I have also had one-act plays performed and short stories published. Children's novels always have and remain something I care deeply about; something that excites me; something that inspires me. Each of my novels I aim to be quirky, funny, and adventurous works of imagination that are, above all, touching and important. I want to create the sort of classic children's stories that engrossed me as a child and that I still carry around with me today.
My first children's novel, What the Raven Saw, was published by Random House in February 2013. My second Ebony and Avery is at the beginning stages of editing also with Random House. I have a children's dance series coming out next year called Silver Shoes, which allows me to write about my other big love - performing arts. I have had short stories published in publications such as Sleepers Almanac and the [untitled] anthology and also won National awards. My one-act plays, Do you Come Here Often and How Can We Help? were performed at Victorian play festivals in 2012 and 2013, and have received quite a few nominations. I have degrees in writing and literature and a diploma in publishing and editing.

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Kristen Halkett

Visual artist, Beckett studio

"I consider myself to be a multi-disciplinary artist. I have exhibited a wide range of artwork from photomedia, installation and art wear to more traditional mediums of printmaking, drawing and painting. Recently I have regarded myself a 'maker of objects', which has led to the creation of functional ceramic, jewellery and craft-based work under the pseudonym of Hellkat Designs. The intention with this work is very different from previously exhibited pieces, so it is important to me to have a clear differentiation by using a different moniker.

Originating from country Victoria, a great deal of my practice concerns identity and displacement, along with observations of society and the environment. I am also interested in the entwined notions of femininity, jewellery and craft. For my ceramic work I often strive for an exploration and experimentation of materials, hand building pieces and allowing an organic aesthetic to flourish during the making process. I'm pleased to have been selected for the Artist in Residence programme as this will give me the space to create multiple projects and allow my creativity to flourish. I am particularly excited that my residency at Billilla will give me the chance to further explore 3D work and expand ideas to their full potential."

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Guy Little

Visual artist, Tayler studio

"My main work is a series about the rites of passage in life, with the tree often as a metaphor for human existence. I enjoy playing with depth and so the drawing at a distance appears one way and then upon closer inspection reveals an inner life irony. My work is viewed differently at varying distances in differing worlds of contemplation. I draw with both my left and right hands in pen and ink after first sketching in pencil. I control dots at an average speed of 8 dots per second and do up to 16 dots per second in short bursts. I enjoy the tactile feeling of drawing, the touch of breath, the direct transmission from brain, heart and intuition down into my hand. The chance to make mistakes and it is the imperfection of the medium that gives each drawing its character."

Guy has been a professional international award winning photographer for 28 years, living in Melbourne. After leaving high school went to Curtin University WA to study Art/Design and eventually went into photography. He has lectured on Creativity for 15 years at RMIT University for the Photo Imaging programme and occasionally at Melbourne University and has also taught Drawing and Life Drawing both at RMIT and privately. He has also done courses in 3D paper sculpture, woodblock & lino cut, print making and glassblowing. Guy will complete a further 5 pieces in his rites of passage series during his residency at Billilla House and will work towards an exhibition showcasing 8 artworks.

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Jane Sullivan

Writer, Marshall studio

"I’m a writer of fiction and a freelance writer for newspapers and magazines, specialising in literary journalism: I think I’ve always been besotted with books. I was born in London of Australian parents and came to live in Melbourne in 1979. For many years I had a career with the Melbourne Age, as staff reporter, feature writer and editor of various sections, including the books pages. I reported from Africa and China and won the inaugural Australian Human Rights award for journalism. My first love, however, is writing fiction, and I’ve been quietly working at it for a long time.

My first novel, The White Star, was published in 2000 by Penguin Australia. My second novel, Little People, was published in April 2011 by Scribe Publications. You can read a short story featuring some of the characters in Little People in a short story, Fallen Woman, in New Australian Stories 2 (Scribe). I write a Saturday column on books and writing, Turning Pages, for The Age, and contribute occasional features. I will be using the residency at Billilla House as a space away from distractions and a place to think, plan, dream and write. I will be working on the first draft of a novel set in 1860s Melbourne."

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