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Artists Studio Program 2015–16

The artists studio placements for 2015–16 were Thomas Bowman, Samuel Rush Condon, Dick Gross AM, Kate Just, Motoko Katsuta Kitano, Evan Lawson, Stephen Nova and Candace Petrik.

Thomas Bowman

Visual artist

Thomas's art practice reflects his broad interest in story-telling, and explores human relationships and the inner self, using human form as a metaphor. Many of his works explore the workings of the human mind, and seek to make this invisible world visible. His work often responds to social issues on an environmental and political level.

Thomas's practice primarily revolves around miniature sculptures. Currently, he is also experimenting with painting as an additional way of exploring his themes. In the near future he is going to combine photography with his miniature sculptures and painting styles, in order to expand his art practice.

Samuel Rush Condon

Visual artist

Samuel is a figurative artist working predominantly in painting and drawing. He is currently focused on painting items from his life experiences, be it football trophies, still lives of eucalyptus branches, portraits, landscapes and much more.

Samuel is a 'traditional contemporary painter' following on from the traditions of Brett Whiteley, Sydney Nolan, Russel Drysdale and Charles Blackman, he works with oil paint and water colour.

Dick Gross AM


Dick is a writer of musicals, novels and a blog. He has published four nonfiction books, two works of fiction, a radio series for Radio National and a record breaking blog for The Age. He generally writes about living and dying without a belief in God.

Musicals: he has had two musicals performed one of which was an adaption of his 2011 work, Death by Elegy and has two in development.

Books: he has written a novel Jesus, Judas and Mordy – 2006 and a work of non-fiction, Death by Elegy – 2011 and wishes to develop and republish his first novel.

The blog: he has a blog entitled Godless Gross. For 3 years he wrote the blog for The Age online site. Dick's blog with The Age was so powerful that it called forth the most comments of any Australian blog at the time. One post attracted over 1980 comments!

Dick hopes to complete 4 projects during his residence:

  • the novel – a depiction of St Paul and St Peter in the years after the crucifixion
  • a musical about marriage – already partially complete and the music is mostly written
  • curatorial writing for an exhibition at the Jewish Museum which may be commissioned
  • and activating his blog.

More information on Dick

Kate Just

Visual artist

Kate Just is an American-born Australian artist best known for elaborate knitted sculptures and mixed media installations. Through solo and community engaged public works, Just primarily re-imagines suppressive forms of gender representation from an autobiographical or subjective perspective, prompting visions of intimacy, love and hope.

Kate's work primarily involves textiles (knitted, embroidered, sewn), photographic media, and ceramics (non kiln fired, air drying clay). Works with community, which form a part of my practice are usually conducted in public (libraries, galleries, parks etc.).

More information on Kate

Motoko Katsuta Kitano

Visual artist

Motoko is fascinated by the diversity of people and their lives, ever changing with the passage of time, giving her hope and inspiration. She grew up in Japan, listening every day to her mother's Tanka and Haiku poetry.

Her mother's intuition and talent for conveying imagery containing emotion within four seasons in Japan is a treasured gift. Motoko's father's painting was another great influence, as well as Japanese literature and calligraphy passed on from her grandparents.

Motoko is a multi-disciplined visual artist – in her painting she uses acrylic paints, Japanese ink, pastel and oil pastel, her calligraphy is produced on Japanese paper. In her sculpture practice she uses clay, moss, cardboard and stone. In other media/installations she uses mirrors, visual projection and audio. Motoko is also a ceramicist and intends operating an electric kiln during her residency.

More information on Motoko

Evan Lawson


Evan's music plays with the flow and transfer of energy and is known for contrasting movement between static and hyperactive textures. Works are written primarily for voice, solo line instruments or works for large forces (generally with one of more soloists in a concerto grosso style).

Most works are written for specific performances and are informed strongly by ancient music, Greek mythology and cross-disciplinary projects.

More information on Evan

Stephen Nova

Visual artist

A Global age of increasing uncertainty and economic instability has brought into focus the transient nature of our urban experience and the sometimes fragile foundations upon which our homes and urban landscape rest.

Freud’s theory of the ‘The Uncanny’ or ‘the condition of a sense of familiarity and estrangement from one’s own home’, forms the basis of my studio based research and drawing that function as architectural sketches. I conceive of these as a means of planning and imagining new built environments. Combining domestic objects that contain intimate meaning with architectural forms and playing with scale and proportion, amorphous structures are created, invoking a sense of movement and change. Presenting these forms within an imaginative or surrealist space, the structures and objects take on new meaning. As a result a new level of reality is explored that moves away from the simple feeling of fantasy, allowing the viewer through subjective interaction to actively participate within the sometimes contradictory urban and domestic space and discover new meanings in things that are normally familiar to us in our everyday lives.

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Candace Petrik


Candace's interest is in exploring stories that don't show the traditional point of view. She is interested in re-imagining history or folk tales through a Queer lens or by prioritising women's stories.

Candace enjoys stories that aren't always simple, where there isn't always a right answer, perfect solution or happy ending, but that show people in all their contradictory complexity.

As an emerging writer, she believes her work will continually evolve as she strives to challenge herself and broaden her skills.

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