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Artists Studio Program 2016-17

The artists studio placements for 2016–17 were Wendy Busch, Aaron Park, Joseph Price, Lillian O'Neil, Yuria Okamura, Jo Roszkowski and Suzy Zail.

Wendy Busch

Visual artist, Grainger studio

Wendy works with oil and enamel to construct paintings that explore feelings of alienation and psychological tension involved in human subjectivity. She incorporates flat colour, geometry, reflective surface and the textural application of paint in order to isolate a solitary figure in space. Her work draws upon personal feelings of uncertainty and apprehension, which can be experienced during the process of self-analysis.

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Aaron Park

Visual artist, Beckett studio

Aaron's practice is a detailed illustrative one which provides the starting ground for more fleshed out narratives experienced through local, regional and broader travels. Works are often developed while on the move and staged in situ. These expressions can be entirely personal or strictly observational. They are often carried out with direct reference to the time and place of initial influence.

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Joseph Price

Artisan, Parr studio

Joseph's work encompasses a number of disciplines under the banner of stringed instrument maker: Artist, woodworker/joined, carver, craftsman designer. At its heart he makes tools for musicians to play music with, but more than this; he strives to create an item which is both inspiring and immediately familiar.

More information on Joseph got to his Facebook

Lillian O'Neil

Visual artist, Traill studio

Lillian creates large-scale analogue collage cut from pre-digital books and magazines. The ongoing search for and mass accumulation of material is an important component of her process. Her books range in topic from: The Most Isolated Pubs in Australia - A History to Crimes and Tragedies as well as How to Hypnotise People and Get Away with It. This collection forms an atlas of human activities, interests and beliefs.

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Yuria Okamura

Visual artist, Tayler studio

Through combining multiple works on paper and architectural wall drawing, Yuria constructs immersive installations that occupy spaces. Her work is predominantly geometric, as she draws from the symbolic quality of geometric forms and patterns that have been deployed to construct and embody beliefs, knowledge, and ideals in various cultures.

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Jo Roszkowski

Mixed media artist, The Laundry studio

Jo works in a wide variety of media from ceramics through to textiles, encaustic and painting. The constant through all the development of art is the tension between human and nature. As we impact the planet, she believes there is a resistance that is demonstrated in the work as a texture or pattern that is both beautiful and melancholy.

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Suzy Zail

Writer, Marshall studio

Suzy started her working life as a lawyer but left to writer her father's memoir after he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Hearing his Holocaust story and watching him live so graciously whilst dying lead her to promise to tell his story. Twelve months after his death, The Tattooed Flower was published. Suzy's next two Young Adult novels were also set in Auschwitz, The Wrong Boy and Alexander Altmann A10567.