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Current artists

Artists Studio Program 2017-18

We congratulate the artists on their 12 month studio placement. Adam Stone, Carmel Seymour, Carmel Wallace, Michelle Deans, Stephanie Leigh, David Brooks and Troy Innocent.  

Artists Studio Program 2017-18

David Brooks

Filmmaker, Grainger studio

David is currently working on a local film The History of Brighton and Henry Dendy. A regular research gatherer at the Brighton Historical Society and Brighton Library he is also doing research in the UK and interviewing relatives of Dendy and JB Were and filming at a variety of locations in Bayside. David has completed tow movies relevant to Bayside, An Iceberger with the Lot - From Bury to Brighton which opened the 2013 Bayside Film Festival and John van Wisse's Arch2Arc.

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Michelle Deans

Writer, Marshall studio

Michelle writes for a living, shaping flabby documents into sleek reports, and garbled instructions into simple steps, but her passion is not procedure manuals!  

Michelle's pleasure are the ideas that come to her at night and in the early mornings, when her mind is searching but a little unfocused.  Ideas that quickly slip away if she doesn't catch them. Ideas that turn into melancholic stories around regret and longing. That’s where she goes, creating flawed characters inclined to sadness, though not without moments of sharp wit. And she agonises over the way she will describe them, and the sentences they’ll speak, because every word must count. "I want the reader to be lost not only in the story, but in the telling of it".

"I'm interested in the way time and distance distort the way we see things. In the weight we assign to events and places with hindsight, and the skewed perspective of memory. My writing often starts with an image - sometimes imagined, sometimes a photograph."

Find out more about Michelle at www.cookcleanmakemarry.wordpress.com

Troy Innocent

Visual artist, Laundry studio

Troy's work is centred on the production of large and medium-sized sculptures constructed from laser-cut hardboard, plywood, and acrylic components. Typically these materials are stained, painted and varnished then constructed using a cordless drill and glues. His work explores connections and multiplicity of design, sculpture, animation and sound. Interested in reading cities through mixed realities, Troy creates coded sculptures that explore the doubling effect of abstraction. 

During his residency Troy hopes to connect with the community via urban language workshops where participants create their own wayfinding markers, markers that are used to identify and tag significant sites, photographed and shared via social media. These workshops are part of his working process that will feed into the new body of work.

Find out more about Troy at www.troyinnocent.net

Stephanie Leigh

Visual artist, Beckett studio

Stephanie works with a mixture of mediums, paint, sculpture, sound, video and life drawing. Typically, with painting and sculpture she works with plywood, cutting and sanding her own boards. With paint she works with house paint and water colour she works flat and doesn't use an easel.

As a female artist, feminism is an important aspect of her practice and through it she seeks to continue feminist discussion. Whilst completing her Masters she thoroughly researched the representation of the female body throughout art history. Stephanie wishes to continue her research and discussion on feminism in art thorough public programming during her residency. 

Find out more about Stephanie at www.stephaniefredaleigh.com

Carmel Seymour

Visual artist, Trail studio

Carmel's works on paper examine magic, nature and history. Her watercolours and drawings collage together places, objects and physical acts to create bizarre narratives.  Inspired by her time living in Iceland she has a focus on the natural world and the mythology that exists around it, including witchcraft, spiritualism and the occult. Her works make connections between the ways we use magical thinking to describe the search for inspiration and the artistic process. Her illustrative style of highly detailed drawing evokes the studies of Romantic era botanists and adventurers and allows a playful exploration of the natural world and the metaphysical. 

Carmel intends to host a series of out-door group drawing events during her residency. Recording observations like explorers of old both realistically and with a variety of abstractions to change perspectives.

Find out more about Carmel at www.cargocollective.com

Adam Stone

Visual artist, Parr studio

Adam's practice is primarily concerned with hubris, schadenfreude and jouissance. He uses narrative, often drawing on his own experience to frame and develop ideas around these central themes. His work often takes sculptural form, either at a large scale in fibreglass and automotive paint, or at a smaller scale with 3D printing technologies and bronze casting. In his ongoing body of work of falling figures, the myth of Icarus and the teenage skateboarder become assimilated through their cheeky desire to push the boundaries of the known.

Adam is fascinated by hubris driven catalysts. Science as god has created sunscreen as a product developed to prevent cancer, yet it contains known carcinogens. By preventing one problem, we are causing another. It is this chain reaction and the seduction of hubris that is at the crux of his practice. Ultimately, his work focuses on the cycle of suffering that we cause ourselves as human beings.

Find out more about Adam at www.adam-stone.com.au

Carmel Wallace

Visual artist, Tayler studio

Carmel employs a variety of media across sculpture and installation; printmaking and drawing; photography and artist’s books; often incorporating cast-off and recycled materials into her work. 

As investigation and interpretation of place are at the core of Carmel's art practice, she intends to use the residency to develop a body of work in response to Billilla mansion, its gardens, and immediate environs. Much of her artwork has been responsive to rural environments and land-use, or to life in the centre of major cities. This residency would provide a great opportunity to extend the parameters of her research by focusing on a particular urban house and garden and investigate it according to her multi-disciplinary approach and synthesis.

Carmel is interested in exploring the resonance of re-purposed materials and the impact of multiples as compositional elements. A constant meme in her sculptural work in particular, has been the creation of domed, cupped or elongated forms that gradually evolve in some way as their numbers increase to form colonies particular to the environments that nurtured them. 

Find out more about Carmel at www.carmelwallace.com

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