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ARTrium Exhibition Space 2017

Exhibiting in 2017 is Polymedia Collective, Eddie Botha, Peter Pascoe, Beaumaris Rotary Club, Poly Hollyoak, Bayside gardens, Young people of Bayside, Paul Dew, Dom Krapski and Bayley House.

Poly Media collective

The media tree

In this exhibition each artist specialises in one or more media associated with printmaking, photography, graphic design and social media. Via public frameworks such as exhibitions, forums and workshops, Polymedia encourage community participation and interactions on a range of media and techniques significant to the history of printmaking and new media.

Eddie Botha

Drawn relevance

The works presented utilises colour, sound and repurposed printed collateral collected from the Bayside community to investigate the interface of diverse cultures, values and ideas, and to analyse how our community works together as an organism.

Peter Pascoe

Bayside views

Pascoe’s vibrant acrylic paintings are like windows onto the bay, representing its many moods and creating a sense of immediacy. Each painting draws the viewer into the scene, encouraging a reflection on the myriad of colours present in the ever changing seasons and the effects of light on sky and water.

Beaumaris Rotary Club

The art of Kakadu

This exhibition showcases the work of artists Timothy Djandjomer, Selone Djandjomerr and Thompson Nganjmirra and generates income for the local Indigenous communities. 
The art of Kakadu is sponsored by the Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel. All proceeds raised will be donated to the Sandringham Hospital and Indigenous causes such as Melbourne Indigenous Transition School.

Polly Hollyoak


An exploration of colour, pattern and layering through the medium of painting. Borrowing freely from media imagery in consumer culture, the works explore notions of consumption and desire by highlighting the cacophony of imagery to which we are relentlessly exposed.

Our garden:Our refuge

The exhibition explores the importance of private open space illustrating the positive effect gardens have on our lives and well-being. Our gardens, our refuge is a celebration of some of the wonderful garden havens in Bayside.

As well as an exhibition of amazing photographs from members of the Bayside community, it will also feature terrific works from:

Young people of Bayside

Presented by our Youth Services and the Bayside FReeZA committee. 

Paul Dew

Dive for dreams

These 3D works examine play and adventure through silhouettes and implied movement. The exhibition message is upbeat and positive: ‘Activity prompts and forges good health and happiness’.

Dom Krapski

Temporary palaces

The exhibition plays with the idea that the image is a stand-in for all that remains standing but could just as easily vanish, which raises the thought: what do our lives comprise now, before they become something else?

Bayley House

Spring into art

Spring into art will launch at Artrium to coincide with International Day for People with a Disability and will feature artists from Bayley House's day service, including the high support area. The artists will demonstrate that intellectual or physical disability is no barrier to being a passionate artist.

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