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Assess the environmental performance of your new development

As a planning permit applicant, you can use a free online tool to assess and improve the environmental performance of your development. The Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) can assess single houses, townhouse developments, apartment buildings, large non-residential or mixed-use developments.

The Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard helps you maximise environmental performance at the design stage to:

  • Reduce running costs and improve comfort
  • Benchmark against other developments
  • Ensure your application is addressing key environmental priorities

The categories BESS will assess are:

  • Energy 
  • Water 
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Stormwater
  • Waste
  • Transport
  • Urban Ecology
  • Management
  • Innovation

Who can use the BESS tool?

The tool can be used by anyone applying for a Bayside planning permit. To answer the questions accurately you may need assistance from an industry professional. If your project is more complex than a simple extension or single house, we suggest you engage an industry professional.

For multi-unit, non-residential and mixed-use developments, an environmental sustainability design professional should be engaged to prepare the BESS assessment and to advise on the project from the concept design phase.

What information do I need to complete the assessment?

Once logged in, you will need the following information about your project:

  • Town planning drawings, elevations, section drawings, materials palette
  • Knowledge of the major construction materials
  • Thermal performance modelling (e.g. FirstRate)
  • Understanding of the building context (built form surrounding the site)
  • Anticipated minimum energy efficiency rating of major appliances for heating, cooling and hot water (energy labelling)
  • Anticipated minimum water efficiency rating of taps, toilets and fittings (WELS ratings)
  • On-site renewable energy devices and rainwater tank details (if applicable)
  • A Stormwater Treatment Objective - Relative Measure (STORM) or a Model for Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) rating.

Start your assessment

If you are ready to commence, you can register at www.bess.net.au

Discuss your application

If you would like to discuss how BESS can help you improve your development’s environmental performance, get your project manager to call us on (03) 9599 4666.

Learn more about BESS

Read some frequently asked questions about BESS.

If you regularly prepare complex assessments it is recommended that you do a BESS training course.