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Balconies and basketball ring safety

We talk about building safety with balconies and basketball rings.


A maintenance program is imperative to extend the life, ensure the ongoing safety of existing balconies and decks, and to prevent potential structural collapse.

As balconies age, they are subject to rotting and other maintenance problems such as termite damage, corrosion and stress from heavy loadings.

The risk of failure is greatest when balconies and decks are heavily loaded during functions and parties.

Please refer to the Building Commission's information brochure on the VBA website. This assists property owners in undertaking necessary maintenance and routine inspections of balconies and decks to ensure safe use and to prevent potential structural collapse.

Basketball rings

Please be aware that it can be extremely dangerous to fix a basketball ring or backboard to a single skin of brickwork. Fixing to a double brick wall or other material can also be unsafe.

It is recommended that you engage an engineer to ensure the wall and the proposed fixings are adequate and safe for that purpose.

Please refer to the Building Commission information sheet on the VBA website.