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Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize

The Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize (BAAP) is an annual painting prize and exhibition that aims to increase opportunities for participation in Bayside’s arts and cultural program. 

It aims to foster a sense of identity, pride and place in Bayside through a community event and enable the acquisition of suitable artworks for the Bayside City Council Art and Heritage Collection.

BAAP will be judged by industry professionals who will award total prize monies and acquisitive funds of $19,000.


  • Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize: $15,000
  • Local art prize: $3,000
  • People's choice award: $1,000

Finalist images

Please visit the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize website to view the finalists' works.

2017 Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize winners

  • Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize: Michael Vale, Snow 2016, oil on linen, 122 x 92 cm, Courtesy the artist and Anna Pappas Gallery Melbourne.
  • Local art prize: Jennifer Goodman Zephyr 2016, oil on linen, 120 x 200 cm. Courtesy the artist and Gallerysmith, Melbourne.
  • People's Choice Award: Gina Kalabashis, Arete no.3 2016, oil on linen, 152 x 91 cm. Courtesy the artist and Flinders Lande Gallery, Melbourne.


Annabelle Aronica, Lynne Boyd, Claire Bridge, Andrew Browne, Matt Butterworth, Isobel Clement, Jesse Dayan, Ann Debono, Joni Dennis, Mark Dober, James Dodd, Nanou Dupuis, Carla Edgerton, Phil Edwards, Robert Fenton, Louise Forthun with Steven Rendall, Brett Ferry, Malcolm Gartside, Jennifer Goodman, Julia Gorman, Dana Harris, Linda Judge, Gina Kalabishis, Robert Kelly, Robyn Kinsela, Harley Manifold, Jarrad Martyn, Yuria Okamura, Jordan Richardson, Julian Aubrey Smith. Mignon Steele, Danielle Tooley, Datsun Tran, Michael Vale, Deborah Walker, Victoria Watts, Alice Wormald, and Daniel Worth.

2016 Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize winners

  • Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize: Peter Westwood, Passivity: after 'an episode from a fight' 2015, oil on linen mounted on dibond, 149 x 79cm. Courtesy the artist and NKN Gallery, Melbourne.
  • Local art prize: Rob McHaffie, Private school pash 2016, oil on linen, 122 x 76cm. Courtesy the artist and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney.
  • People's Choice Award: Alex Zubryn, A discarded geology 2015, oil on linen, 200 x 300 cm. Courtesy the artist.


Terry Batt, Jon Cattapan and Lyndell Brown and Charles Green, Celeste Chandler, Isobel Clement, Samuel Rush Condon, Peter Daverington, Andrew Duong, Jaye Early, Robert Fenton, Jennifer Goodman, Helga Groves, James Guppy, Katherine Hattam, Grant Hill, Paul Jackson, Amanda Johnson, Jordan Marani, Karla Marchesi, Rob McHaffie, Carlo Pagoda, Valentina Palonen, David Ralph, Steven Rendall, Jack Rowland, Brad Rusbridge, Josh Simpson, Camilla Tadich, Fatemeh Vafaeinejad, Michael Vale, Deborah Walker, Peter Westwood, and Alex Zubryn.

2015 Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize winners

  • Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize: Kevin Chin, Less than white 2015, oil on linen (diptych), 198 x 279 cm. Courtesy the artist and Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne. 
  • Local art prize: Stieg Persson, Brighton Singerie 2015, oil on linen, 92 x 76 cm. Courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne.
  • People's choice award: Shannon Smiley, Descent 2014. Courtesy the artist and Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide.


Benjamin Aitken, Graeme Altmann, Terry Batt, Christopher Beaumont, Dean Bowen, Lynne Boyd, Trevor 'Turbo' Brown, Jon Cattapan, Kevin Chin, Isobel Clement, Jonathan Crowther, Nanou Dupuis, Prudence Flint, Marc Freeman, Jennifer Goodman, Katherine Hattam, Christine Healy, Richard Knafelc, Margaret Loy Pula, Mark McCarthy, Rob McHaffie, Emily Ngarnal Evans, David Palliser, Stieg Persson, Eugenia Raftopoulos, Reko Rennie, Shannon Smiley, Julian Aubrey Smith, Tai Snaith, Kate Tucker, Deborah Walker, Darren Wardle, and Jud Wimhurst.