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Bayside Business Excellence Awards 2019 - Nominations Now Open!

Event Details

If you have a business in the Bayside area or know of someone who does, this could be an opportunity to enter this prestigious Awards program and be recognised as a leading Bayside business.

The 2019 Bayside Business Excellence Awards program has been developed by all the Bayside Rotary Clubs in conjunction with Bayside Business Network and supported by Bayside City Council to recognise and celebrate the outstanding performance of local businesses across the Bayside area.

This new and exciting Awards program includes a range of business categories to attract diverse participants and has a robust and independent Judging Panel who will undertake the shortlisting process.

This could be a great opportunity to showcase and earn recognition for being a successful Bayside business!

NOMINATIONS CLOSE 30 JUNE! Visit the Awards website for more details.

The benefits for businesses to nominate in this prestigious program are many and include:

The Awards selection criteria requires businesses to provide elements of their business plan from Strategy & Vision to Customer Service. This is an excellent opportunity to review where their business is at, what it has achieved and where it is going.

Showcasing the diversity of business throughout Bayside, the Awards provide a platform to recognise business excellence and the opportunity of building brand awareness and increasing business reputation and profile.

A Gala Awards evening celebrating participants and announcing category winners will offer an excellent opportunity to grow networks with business leaders across Bayside. This prestigious event will be held on the 19th of September at the Sandringham Yacht Club.

The Bayside Business Excellence Awards recognise the courage, commitment, drive and determination it takes to run a business and encourage local businesses to consider being part of this highly regarded Awards program.

Nominations close 30 June 2019 and all details can be found on the Award program website: