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Bayside City Council election 2020

Infringement notices

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has advised that they have sent Infringement Notices to persons who did not vote in the Bayside 2020 general election.

All enquiries from non-voters should be directed to the VEC’s compulsory voting centre on 1300 551 575 or you can pay or review a fine at the VEC website.

Bayside City Council election results

The Victorian Electoral Commission has officially declared the results of the Bayside City Council election.

The Councillors for the 2020–24 Council term are:

  • Beckett Ward – Clarke Martin
  • Bleazby Ward – Alex del Porto
  • Boyd Ward – Fiona Stitfold
  • Castlefield Ward – Jo Samuel-King MBBS
  • Dendy Ward – Hanna El Mouallem
  • Ebden Ward – Laurence Evans OAM
  • Ivison Ward – Sonia Castelli

The Council was officially sworn in at the Annual Meeting of Council on Thursday 19 November 2020.

Cr Laurence Evans OAM was elected as Mayor for the 2020–21 Council year.

Cr Sonia Castelli was elected as Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Bayside Arts and Gallery Advisory Committee for the 2020–21 Council year.

Cr Alex del Porto was elected as Chair of the Planning and Amenity Delegated Committee for the 2020–21 Council year.

Councillor contact details can be found here.

Find out more

For a detailed summary of the election results, visit the VEC website.

    New single-member wards

    The Victorian Government has introduced new single-member wards for the 2020 Bayside City Council election, replacing the three wards (North, Central and South).

    The City of Bayside now consists of seven wards, with one councillor elected to represent each ward. The seven wards are:

    1. Beckett Ward
    2. Bleazby Ward
    3. Boyd Ward
    4. Castlefield Ward
    5. Dendy Ward
    6. Ebden Ward
    7. Ivison Ward

    View the new wards map

    VEC ward look up

    The new wards are named after well-known places and notable individuals that have contributed to the City of Bayside.

    Find out more about the names of Bayside City Council wards

    Ward information

    2016 Census data presented by the new Wards, compares each Ward characteristics to City of Bayside overall, all the Census data on the people and households in your Ward.

    Beckett Ward

    Bleazby Ward

    Boyd Ward

    Castlefield Ward

    Dendy Ward

    Ebden Ward

    Ivison Ward

    You can find more about statistics for the overall Bayside community and projections for future growth via our Bayside statistics page.