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Bayside Design Market

The Design Market provides our community with the opportunity to experience a quality design and maker market. The last Design Market attracted more than 920 attendees and 19 local designers and makers.

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Previous stallholders

The following makers were stallholders for the market at Billilla mansion.

Totally Innocent

Everything in the totally innocent range has been handmade and designed in Melbourne. Lou’s whimsical illustrations are the thing that makes totally innocent stand apart.Her sweet designs and fresh colour choices are what makes her designs so unique, and she draws on memories of her own sweet childhood to create her designs. Her illustrations have been used for the past 2 years on lampshade designs that children coloured in,at the Light In Winter festival at Federation Square.

Find out more at www.totallyinnocent.com.au

The Crafty Bee

Carolina's jewellery is all made by hand, line by line attaching beads to one another by string them with a sewing needle or beading needle and thread or thin wire. Alternatively they are sewn to cloth.

Find out more at www.etsy.com

Swede Little Things

With Helene's Swedish background she started ‘Swede Little Things’ in Melbourne, making traditional Sámi (indigenous Northern Scandinavians) jewellery, which has been a handcraft of the Sámi culture from the 17th Century. She uses naturally tanned reindeer leather, high quality spun pewter and silver threads, sterling silver, antler buttons and magnetic clasps. Her focus is now on creating contemporary designs, interweaved with the traditional, to produce jewellery that is unique in Australia.

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Sophie M Designs

Sophie M Designs specialises in lariats using suede, gemstones, leather and sterling silver . Her lariats can be worn in various ways, long, short and as bracelets. She strives to bring affordable contemporary jewellery to her customers.

Find out more at www.sophiemdesigns.com.au

Riyane Zimmerman Design

Riyane uses a variety of techniques in preparing her work, basic fusing where the glass is cut according to the design, it is fused in the kiln and slumped (shaped). Screen print on glass where the screen is prepared with the design or image and then screen printed onto the glass and fused. Murrine glass where 40 layers of glass are cut to fit to a shape, this is fired in the vitrigraph kiln, when it reaches 840c the glass is pulled out from the bottom of the kiln when it was melting.

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Minna Graham Ceramics

Minna's beautiful organic forms are inspired by the natural beauty of the local area and the land on which she lives. Her thrown and carved forms are sculptural and textural, inviting the touch and drawing you in, losing you in their detail. They are beautiful to hold, a small thing of true beautysimple, but complex at all once. Her work weaves a beautiful story, of history & tradition, ancient but somehow modern in its telling.

Find out more at www.minnagrahamceramics.com

Mat Hughes Images

Mat is an Elwood based fine art photographer. His small, medium and large works are limited edition giclée prints, hand-signed and framed ready-to-hang. In his work, Mat explores a personal journey as he crosses a land towards a distant horizon. He is attracted to the subtle nuance of shape, form & texture found in a landscape and likes to imagine the passing of time over the land.

Find out more at www.mathughesimages.com

MAD Products

Each item is designed locally in Melbourne by MAD Products and made either by MAD Products or by a local business that has a strong social conscience. They focus on producing quality Australian made products that set them apart from other businesses. MAD Products are great as souvenirs or gifts for any home capturing classic Melbourne moments in time!

Find out more at www.madproducts.com.au

Lindyloo Designs

All the products are designed and created by Linda in her Bayside studio. The materials are sourced and cleaned and the colour of the blanket or textile often giving inspiration as to how the garment will look. The design process is largely spontaneous and depends on the article at hand and materials available.

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Karen Harvey Jewellery

Karen has been designing for over twenty years and creating her contemporary jewellery for the past four years. With a background in horticulture and landscape design, Karen brings her love of nature and her keen eye for detail to her jewellery making which extends her passion for beautiful handcrafted objects.

Find out more at www.karenharveyjewellery.com

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer's design influences come from repeated patterns of crocheting interwoven lace, overlapping very fine spiral coils as if it were thread on a dense convex form. The open spaces are created as part of the design. Lightweight open work patterned with open holes in the work creating an airy light illumination of shadows. The simple organic shaped forms allow a greater scope for further creativity it is not an austere rigid structured piece but a work that curves around in unrestrained style. She can transform the design freely by adding more coils or by removing parts of the clay to create different patterned effects.

Find out more at www.jenniferclarkartist.com


With a passion for all things beautiful, Emma and Kate have come together to create quality jewellery. They want to offer their customers a point of difference. Their range is designed to cater for our daughters, our friends and our mothers so that all women have the opportunity to feel unique. 

Find out more at www.indahkoin.com

Inspired By 3

Inspired By 3 candles are made from 100% Australian Beeswax; they are non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic, making them the healthiest candle in the world to burn. Their candles are made using cotton wicks and when lit, they smell like you have walked into a dreamy warm, luscious pot of natural honey! Many of their customers have found burning beeswax an hour before bedtime, has greatly improved their asthma, allergies, insomnia, headaches and sinus problems.

Find out more at www.inspiredby3.com.au

Harvest Cottage 

Harvest Cottage is a boutique original home wares producer. Products include 100% linen tea towels, 100% linen cushion covers, 100% cotton pillowcases and more. The designs are from original art work by Catherine Freemantle digitally printed onto natural fibres. All Harvest Cottage products are designed for everyday use. 

Find out more at www.harvestcottage.com.au

Fraulein Jaeger

Leanne has been passionately making handbags, accessories and other "gorgeous things" for as long as she can remember. Her main business which I started in 2001 being handbags, which includes totes, satchels and purses are all handmade by her, as well as small range of jewellery, greeting cards and artwork. Leanne takes great pride in making a quality product and hopes you find something you like.

Find out more at www.frauleinjaeger.com.au

Fjord Illustrations

All Jessie's original artwork is created predominantly with watercolour from a real life subject. The original paintings are reproduced in Melbourne using high quality standards for the archival prints and greetings cards are printed responsibly. Jessie will have available at this years market the same range as last year of Australian native flora and vegetables, plus some new numbered edition prints created during her Artist Residency in 2015.

Find out more at www.fjordillustration.com.au

Cathy Sutton Jewellery

Cathy selects interesting and beautiful pieces of glass gemstones wood and resin and assembles them in a coordinated manner, creating beautiful jewellery.

Find out more at www.cathysuttonjewellery.com

Bold and Striking

BoldandStriking is a collection of graphic and colourful pieces of jewellery created and handcrafted in Melbourne. Works are made from specially treated Aluminium and or Laminate film which is formed, cut and constructed. The imagery process involves hand dying, painting or digitally applying design work, which is later heat-treated resulting in a permanent infusion of pigment and everlasting colour vibrancy.

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Annie White Illustration

Annie White’s original illustrations and paintings are now on throw cushions, bags, journals, greeting cards and signed prints. There are also framed original children’s illustrations and small oil paintings. And of course there are picture books that can be signed on request.

Find out more at www.anniewhite.com