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Bayside eLibrary recommendations

Due to the temporary Library closure and lack of access to physical materials, we have put together a number of lists of our favourite titles from the digital eLibrary to get you started.

The Library provides a wide array of digital material, including e-books, e-audio, movie streaming service and access to a multitude of online resources.

If you need help we have created a comprehensive guide to our online resources.

If you are still stuck for reading ideas Visit this page to get personalised recommendations from our Library staff.


Joining Bayside Libraries online is a simple process and gives you to access books, movies, audio and educational resources.

If you already have an account set up then you can log in to the Bayside Library Service here.

Making the most of our online resources


From remarkable stories of people experiencing the worst moments of their lives in the full glare of the media to a coffee break classic, we've picked out some great reads.

Five books you should read

A great selection of Audiobooks from crime thrillers brought to life or the sounds of Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter, what could be better? 

Five Audiobooks you should listen to

Academy award winning films, indie and cult favourites or a thought provoking documentary - take your pick!

Five movies and documentaries to stream

Classic first editions to modern takes on the graphic novel format, we have picked a few of our favourites for both children and Adults.

Five graphic novels to read