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Bayside Sustainable Environments Grant guidelines

The following guidelines outline the scope, eligibility conditions, and assessment process for the Bayside Sustainable Environments Grant (BSEG). 

1. Intent

The Bayside City Council Bayside Sustainable Environments Grant 2019/20 (BSEG) provides funding for activities, events, projects, and programs which enhance and protect biodiversity and environmental volunteering in Bayside. The program is supported by the state government Caring For Our Local Environments (COLE) initiative. 

2. Scope

The guidelines apply to the application, evaluation, payment and reporting requirements for applications made to the Bayside Sustainable Environments Grant.

3. Guideline statement

3.1 Purpose of the grants program

Grants of up to $5000 may be made for initiatives by community groups that assist in supporting environmental volunteering, enhancing connection and access to nature, and indigenous biodiversity protection.  

This can include activities such as supporting the works of existing environmental volunteering groups, on-ground biodiversity projects including re-vegetation, volunteer-led sustainability projects, and citizen science initiatives. 

3.2 Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for the BSEG, program applicants must:

  • Be an incorporated association or similar legal entity or be auspiced by another organisation that is incorporated (or has similar legal identity) and can manage the funding on behalf of the applicant;
  • Be a not-for-profit organisation;
  • Have a membership that is wholly or significantly made up of people who are Bayside residents; and
  • Carry public liability insurance.

Applications will not be considered if they do not meet the eligibility criteria listed above.

3.3 Applications

Applications will only be accepted through Council’s online grant management system, Smartygrants

Please note the BSEG has been established to provide priority for environmental sustainability and environmental volunteering projects. Those who received a Bayside Annual Community Grant in 2019/20 are ineligible for the BSEG 2019/20. 

Successful BSEG 2019/20 applicants will only be eligible for additional Bayside Council Grant funding (eg. Annual Community Grants Program 2020/21) once BSEG 2019/20 project funds have been acquitted.

3.4 Acquittals

Timelines for completion of projects will be negotiated between successful applicants and Council. All reporting of acquittals must be completed before 30 June 2020, unless an extension is granted by Council. Applicants must provide details of how the project was implemented and the outcomes and benefits to the Bayside environment and community. The acquittal form is available through Council’s online grant management system.

3.5 Assessment

All applications received are assessed by the Sustainability Education & Promotions Officer, Coordinator Environment & Sustainability, and the Manager Sustainability & Transport.

Sustainability Education & Promotions Officer

  • Coordinates the administration of applications for BSEG
  • Undertakes an initial eligibility assessment
  • Reviews and assesses eligible applications for assessment and provides recommendation to be reviewed by Coordinator Environmental Sustainability and Manager Sustainability & Transport
  • Provides verbal or written feedback to applicants including rationale for decision where appropriate

Coordinator Environmental Sustainability

  • Reviews the referred application and recommendation
  • Makes recommendations to the Manager Sustainability & Transport where relevant

Manager Sustainability & Transport

  • Where relevant, reviews the referred application and provides final decision to approve or decline

Applications will be assessed on the basis of their demonstrated alignment with the goals of the state government Victorians Volunteering for Nature – Environmental Volunteering Plan and/or the Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037 Plan. 

Eligible applications will undergo assessment based on:

3.6 Conditions of grants

  • Grants are only to be used for the approved project;
  • Funds are to be spent by 30 June 2020;
  • Any unspent part of the grant must be returned to Council;
  • The recipient organisation must follow sound governance practices, comply with all laws and regulations, adequately support and supervise volunteers and work to ensure public safety in conducting the project;
  • The recipient is responsible for ensuring Public Liability Insurance cover for the project and must indemnify Council against any legal claims arising out of the project; and
  • The organisation must acknowledge Council contribution in all public documents, signage or announcements about the project.

3.7 Reporting

BSEG recipients shall complete the online Bayside Sustainable Environments Grant 2019/20 acquittal form. 

4. Related documents

  • Application Form – Bayside Sustainable Environments Grant 2019/20
  • Acquittal Form – Bayside Sustainable Environments Grant 2019/20
  • Internal Assessment Form – Bayside Sustainable Environments Grant 2019/20

These forms will be accessible through the Smartygrants platform from 16 September 2019.