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Bayside Youth Awards

The 2021 Bayside Youth Awards are now open for nominations!

Young people aged 10-25 who live or have a link to Bayside, either through study, work, a community club or sport, can be nominated to recognise their positive contributions to our community.

2020 Bayside Youth Awards.

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Previous winners

In 2019, approximately 150 people attended Sandringham Yacht Club where the following awards were presented

Award categories

Sponsored by Sandringham Community Bank

Ava Klass was presented with the Community Award for her work keeping seniors company in an elderly person's home. In addition to this, she helps prepare food for Holocaust survivors who live in commission flats, and others who are unwell or unable to feed themselves. She is a member of the Kid Crazy group, who travel to kindergartens to perform songs and has been elected as a school house vice-captain.

Sponsored by Campeyn Group

Over the past three years, Cara Moulang has demonstrated how scientific principles can be used to capture dramatic and beautiful photographs using simple everyday objects. Cara has made a difference showing that science can be fun, accessible and beautiful.

Sponsored by Hocking Stuart Sandringham

Two students Claudia Blakeley-Batty and Mohamed Labib, sadly lost two class mates to suicide within a year. In the midst of this very difficult period, they developed and promoted a T-shirt range 'Till Next Time' to promote mental health and suicide prevention. The name 'Till Next Time' represents the importance of being here tomorrow in regards to caring and thinking of other people.

Will Pierce has been very ill since birth, and was sent home for palliative care at nine months. After 14 years, he received a diagnosis of a very rare genetic condition called SCN2A. He has epilepsy, intellectual disability and is non-verbal. Despite the many challenges Will faces each day he embraces life and the things he loves. He is an advocate and fundraiser and is working on his skills to become more independent, and hoping to one day achieve his long term goal of being a farmer.

Sponsored by Rotary Club of Sandringham

In 2014, Ryan Ward and some of his friends established Empowered Together (ET), a not-for-profit organisation focused on providing education on sexual assault which held workshops at numerous schools. Now the Vice President and COO. Ryan manages ET's volunteers and facilitators on top of his full time job as a Senior Business Analyst. He also volunteers as the Secretary of the Victorian Society for Computers and the Law.

The Julian Gurrieri Memorial Award for Bayside Youth Participation
 by Resilient Youth

Isabella (Bella) Sangster has been part of the Boombox Events committee for five years. She has demonstrated a tremendous commitment to providing the young people of Bayside exciting live music and cultural events. She has grown in her leadership, problem solving skills and communication and is a shining example of how committed, passionate young people can make a difference in the community.