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Bayside Youth Awards

The Bayside Youth Awards, held every 2 years, celebrates the achievements of young people in the Bayside area.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Bayside Youth Awards

The Youth Community Leadership Award winner is Samuel Perkins, for his dedication of time and energy to the Bayside community.

The Youth Creativity Award winners are Jackson Court and Ben Carter, for making a difference by being innovative or creative.

The Youth Courage Award winners are Lachlan Francis, James Campbell, William Murray, Cory McQuilkin-Feehan, Charlie Warner, Audrey Mardbinda, Scott Anderson, Rhiannon Cheong and Tynan Chamberlain, for their great resilience and demonstrated personal growth from overcoming challenges in day to day life.

The School Leadership Award winners are Daniel Blunt and Stella Wadeson, for initiating activities that demonstrate emerging leadership skills.

The Julian Gurrieri Memorial Award winners are Alijosa Veljovic, Joy Rao and Mikaela Copland, for their contribution, leadership and commitment to Bayside Youth Services committees.

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