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Be summer safe

Bayside’s popular and picturesque beaches and open spaces are great to explore on a warm day. We can all help to keep them COVID safe and fun for everyone.

Two children socially distanced from other groups watching the sunset on the beach.

    Check before you go

    Stay COVID safe

    Remember to:

    • Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and others. That’s about the length of the average beach towel.
    • Wear a face mask indoors (except when eating or drinking) and keep one with you outdoors in case you can't stay 1.5m apart.
    • Don’t gather in public areas such as beaches or parks in groups larger than permitted under current restrictions.  This also applies to gatherings in your home - check the DHHS website if you are unsure.
    • Practice good hand hygiene – carry hand sanitiser and use it after touching items and surfaces. Wash your hands before you leave home and when you return from your day out.

    Four beach buckets indicating 1.5 meter social distancing.

    Enjoying your visit

    Bayside has a range of Local Laws to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit.

    It is an offence to:

    • Remove or damage native vegetation.
    • Consume or have an open container of alcohol between sunset and sunrise.
    • Smoke on Bayside beaches.
    • Conduct an event without a permit.
    • Hinder the enjoyment of others.
    • Behave in a way that poses a risk to others.

    Bayside’s Local Laws officers regularly patrol our beach and foreshore areas and we work closely with Victoria Police to help to keep our community safe.

    Bin it or take it with you

    We’re providing extra public rubbish bins and rubbish collections along our foreshore, parks and gardens this summer. If a bin is full, please take your rubbish with you.

    Have fun in the sun - and stay safe Bayside.