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Billilla Advisory Committee

Expressions of Interest - applications now closed

We're seeking Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified community members to join the Billilla Advisory Committee.

The Committee’s purpose is to provide advice and support to Council to achieve the following goals:

  • foster accessible cultural programs and activities at Billilla Homestead
  • provide safe, supported community spaces for local people to engage in a wide range of activities in the building and grounds
  • provide the community with opportunities for creative expression, engagement and lifelong learning in the building and grounds

It is recommended that the Committee will consist of no more than 12 individuals, made up of Bayside Councillors, community-based appointments and skilled-based appointments as follows.

People who have skills and experience in the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  • 2 Experts – representing heritage conservation and cultural programming etc. i.e. heritage architect; historian; curator etc (Bayside residents).  
  • 8 Residents, rate payers or people with strong connections to or interest in, Billilla (including at least 1 person under the age of 25).

Membership to the Advisory Committee is on a voluntary basis and no remuneration is provided. Council recognises the benefits of local community participation and diversity in the skills, experience and attributes of the Committee’s membership.

Membership will aim for a group representing a range of abilities, ages, gender, cultures, geographic locations across the municipality and a range of areas of interest/expertise. Council is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive environment for all members and will work with members to consider any supports required.

Apply for the Billilla Advisory Committee

Applications are now closed.

Reimagining Billilla - community feedback

Watch the below video to hear community feedback and ideas for Billilla's future use.

Find out more on the community engagement process.

What and where is Billilla?

Billilla is located at 26 Halifax Street in Brighton. Primarily used as a residence up until the former Brighton City Council purchased the property in 1973, the building has been used for weddings, events and as an additional campus for two schools. The Gardens have remained open to the public and contain several heritage listed trees, a traditional parterre and a rose garden.

What will the Billilla Advisory Committee do?

The Committee will provide advice to Council about the future use of Billilla mansion regarding the community benefits from the programming and operating of this heritage listed property. A full set of objectives of the Committee are listed in the Billilla Advisory Committee Charter.

What is the Billilla Advisory Committee Charter?

The Charter provides a clear outline of the purpose, goals, objectives and operational process of the Committee. You can read the Charter here.

How many times will the Committee meet?

The Committee will meet every 6 weeks or more frequently as agreed to by the Advisory Committee.

Will the committee have oversight of a budget?

No the committee will not have any budget responsibility.

What influence does the Billilla Advisory Committee have?

The Committee will provide advice and direction to Council regarding how to operate Billilla to ensure the goals of the Committee are achieved. 

How do I become a member?

You must address the following selection criteria in your application to be considered for the Committee

• are a resident of the City of Bayside or have strong links to Bayside (work, play, study, or own property in Bayside)

• can demonstrate interest, skills, knowledge and or expertise relevant to the goals of Billilla

• are nominated by the Bayside community directly

• demonstrated experience on community management committees

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