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Boombox Events - FReeZA Committee

We are Boombox Events

Boombox Events FReeZA committee, is a group of excited young people living, working or studying in Bayside who organise, plan and execute fun events for local young people. We are a by youth for youth group and we are always looking for fresh ideas!

FReeZA is a Victorian Government initiative that supports young Victorians to get involved in their community by planning and running drug, smoke and alcohol-free music and cultural events for other young people.


Twelve to 25-year-olds who have a connection to the City of Bayside. We are excited to learn about event management, planning and running music events.


The Boombox committee meets on Thursdays during school terms 5.00pm–6.30pm.


Peterson Youth Centre, Corner Peterson Street and Highett Road, Highett 3190.



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Tell us what sort of events you want to see in 2020

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But what does a meeting and event look like?

For a meeting, we will catch up before focusing on the weekly tasks. Depending on how long until the event, this could be booking a venue, designing a poster, finding quotes and promoting in the local community. We design the atmosphere of the night, what music will be played and who and what is going to happen when. It is a lot of work but the events are always worth it!

Events are when we shine. We are the ones greeting you at the door, selling the snacks, keeping the performers on track and making sure everyone has a great time. We are young people who are creating these events for other teenagers to ensure we can have a good night out- while still staying safe.

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