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Building a strong and supportive community

One of our goals is to build a strong and supportive community. Read about our highlights from 2016/17.

Our Community Grants program                              

In 2016/2017 we distributed $570,115 in grants to local not-for-profit organisations. Over $406,000 was allocated to community centres within our municipality. A further $133,927 was provided to 48 important local projects and $30,314 in contingency grants was provided to groups and individuals.

Read more about our Community Grants program.

Pet Expo and microchipping day

In November 2016, we hosted our annual Pet Expo at Royal Avenue Park. Pets were able to take part in activities such as obstacle course events and microchipping. Owners were provided with information on dog obedience, pet regulations and responsible pet ownership. At the microchipping day in April, 105 additional pets were registered and free microchipping was provided to ensure we are able to return lost pets to their owners.

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