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Changing Faces: Meet the participants

Changing Faces: Women in Local Democracy celebrates the contribution women make to the municipality of Bayside and encourages women to get involved in local democracy.

montage of portraits for the Changing Faces campaign

Below you can find out more about our 171 participants and why they wanted to be part of their exhibition...

Hear from our participants

We asked some of the participants why they chose to take part in the Changing Faces project and here are their responses.

Listen to some of the participants discuss what they think of the project

Hear from some of the participants as they discuss why gender equality is important at Council, and elsewhere

Individual portraits

Below you can view each participant's portrait and, where provided, their explanation of the role they play in the Bayside community.


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"I grew up in Bayside and am raising my daughters here. I am a psychologist who works within the area of gender and sexual diversity. I encourage my daughters, my clients and young women of Bayside to celebrate their gender and to refuse to be limited by traditional gender norms."

An athlete and student who wants to make a difference for all girls in sport.

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I am a 12-year-old student at St Leonards who is ready to have a go, help the community and do my best! I love playing sports with my friends and helping fundraise for the less fortunate.

Even while living overseas, Brighton has always been home for me, as it has been for my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. I am a lawyer, small business owner and mother of three. I love that my eldest son, a keen sailor, can ride to sailing at Royal Brighton Yacht Club just down the road and that my daughter can attend my old school.


I am co-founder of ZIPWIRE, an organisation that advocates for gender balance by focusing on female career returners and helps them secure a purposeful role with opportunity for growth and advancement


I’m an award-winning journalist, presenter, documentary-maker and author living in the Bayside area. I’m also a tireless campaigner for gender equality in sport, and this has become my strong focus in recent years. Girls and women deserve the same opportunities in sport as boys and men.”

My work with the Connections Program at the Bayside Art Gallery involves facilitating discussion of selected art works at the Brighton gallery with  residents in bayside aged care facilities. I love the stimulation and sharing of memories, insights and ideas around works of art and the joy that discussing works of art brings to our elderly residents.


I am retired environmental policy officer. I enjoy using my retirement time to volunteer at the Bayside Community Nursery. I also attend working bees to improve Bayside's unique natural areas and I undertake educational activities about nature and its benefits.

My role is to allow every woman a space to feel safe, involved, appreciated and heard, while walking and exploring Bayside and beyond. My role is to want women to feel they belong in an secure community, which will allow them to believe they can achieve almost anything.


My role in the Bayside community is to be a representative of the youth today. Having won last year's Youth Award for "Community", I feel strongly about continuing to help those in need.


I am a Member of Lions which is a service organisation raising funds for and giving support to local community groups and members; plus as a resident supporting the local shops and businesses; I love living in Bayside.


I am a year 5 student who believes there is a way to make the world a better and healthier place to live. Last year, together with two friends I organised a fundraiser to save orangutangs in Borneo. It was the most successful fundraiser that my school has ever had. I believe girls are strong and can achieve anything in life. 


I have the incredible privilege of acting as Club Captain at Sandringham Lifesaving Club. Within my role, I organise the patrolling teams, roster, manage equipment and responsibilities of our club. I am incredibly passionate about maintaining a safe beach for everyone and strive to promote a great culture of water safety and community.


A resident of Beaumaris, a Bayside Library volunteer, a member of Bayside Healthy Ageing Reference Group, a Rotarian of Beaumaris Rotary Club, raising funds to assist local commuity and beyond.


Through my local Church St Stephen’s Gardenvale and Rotary International I am so fortunate to join with people to assist others.  One person can bring an idea, to help another person, a community or the whole world…and like minded people to join them to make it happen.


My passion has been to help as many women with Thyroid Disease as possible. Often we have been dismissed and let down by the health care system, Naturopathic and Functional medicine has given my own Thyroid condition, as well as the health of hundreds of other women, a better quality of life once again. I AM a naturopathic practitioner, I AM a teacher, I AM a listener, I AM a champion for better health choices, I AM here for all the women who have been told there is nothing wrong with them.


I am a Mother of three gorgeous children who actively play basketball. I have been a Brighton Cup (Dad’s AFl Footy Match) Committee member  for 3 years. The Brighton Cup is one of the biggest fund raiser and social events between Brighton and Brighton Beach Primary schools - where young Families especially dad’s are given the opportunity to connect with their childs/rens school community.


The people of Bayside are amazing and I have always felt the need to "give back" to them! I was one of the local Girl Guide leaders in Beaumaris, later the Division Commissioner for Sandringham, played tennis for Beaumaris, golfed in Bayside, raised money for the Sandringham Hospital. I am President of the Inner Wheel Club of Bayside and President of the Friends of Black Rock House!!! I LOVE BAYSIDE!!!


Teacher and Environmental Scientist


In establishing and continuing with Bayside Chamber Orchestra it was always and still is my aim to provide access to quality performances of Classical music to the Bayside community for players and audience.


I am an advocate for building community and organizational capacity to encourage more women and girls to become leaders and players in sport and physical activity.


I am the General Manager of Give a Care, a disability service provider founded by Jeff Shaw who has a disability. I am grateful for my job and for the ability to help so many NDIS participants live the life they want to live. Through my job I work towards tackling isolation for people living with a disability. I want every single person to enjoy life to the fullest and have as much fun as they can.




Primarily, being a grandmother in my senior years, most of my time is given to family needs, but my passion for writing has resulted in two books, 'The Undertakers' Mother' and 'Jeremiah’s Trunk'. Both books have  been critically acclaimed and  are giving great pleasure to readers in the community.


I am looking for an opportunity to support and take part and assist in bayside community..any future programmes.Iam available Monday to Friday after 2;15 pm and on weekend whole day..If any events comes up and you need any assistance I am more then happy to assist and it will be privilege to be a part of community



Elizabeth, a Brighton resident, is active in advocating for older people and environmental issues.
She is a member of Bayside Council’s Healthy Ageing Reference Group, the President of Marine Care Ricketts Point, and, as a member of BECAN, is helping develop an Action Plan to implement Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration.


I established a not-for-profit organisation that was specifically formed to serve the Chinese – Australian community in Brighton, Victoria.​
Our purpose is to provide social events that connect the Chinese and Australians in the Bayside area and beyond. Teaching and hosting activities that encourage cultural harmony and promote healthy living.


I am a figurative artist whose paintings celebrate the empowerment, diversity and gender expressions of women in our community.


Felicity’s interest in council started as a disgruntled ratepayer. Dissatisfied about the response to the parking issues in her street, and what she perceived as a lack of voices on the council representing females with young families, she decided to run for Council. She was a councillor from 2008 - 2016, and Mayor 2015-2016. Felicity lead the Grass Ceiling programmer that successfully changed policy at all 3 levels of government, highlighting the lack of female change rooms. Since retiring from council, she has continued to positively disrupt for sustainable change and is still actively involved in the community sitting on numerous boards and committees in the Bayside community. 



I have been part of the Bayside community for the past 30 years. Throughout this time I have been on numerous commitees at kindergarten and school. I have participated in numerous fundraisers and am particularly passionate about preserving our wildlife. I love to bring people together and try to shop and eat at restaurants in our local community. I love living in Bayside



A continuous member of Brighton Theatre Company since 1981 as an actor, director and committee member.  Member of a Council  Arts Committee to look at the formation of the Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre and until recently a volunteer at The Gallery.



I am the fifth generation of my family to live in Brighton and feel privileged to be part of the Bayside community. I participate in many sports, competing at a high level in athletics for Firbank and Sandringham Little Athletics Club. I also love playing AFL for Brighton Beach Football Club and netball for Firbank. I enjoy my leadership role of House Captain at Firbank and I am passionate about environmental issues and horse riding.


A playwright and theatre-maker working with various artists and creatives in the community to produce original productions at local venues.



Long term FReeZA committee member and 2019 recipient of the Julian Gurrieri Memorial Award for Bayside Youth Participation.



I am a woman who is working, parenting, living and enjoying the Bayside community. I have always lived in the Bayside area and I feel very much a part of the community as my children have been schooled here too. The young families living in Bayside are very inclusive and lovely to share the neighbourhood with.


I work with the local community to: identify health and wellbeing needs and priorities; build capacity; and empower community action.


I have lived in Bayside all my life and worked as a social worker and psychologist for not for profit family based agencies including Family Life and Oz Child and I had 17 years at Epworth Rehabilitation Brighton. I now volunteer with Family Life, Bayside library and Cancer Council Vic.


Medical Professor and Clincal Researcher based at Alfred Hospital and Monash University. Expert in women's mental health and longstanding advocate for empowering women in all walks of life.


I love working as an engineer. Sharing my experiences with students and communities helps to promote the power of diversity. I hope to inspire more girls to consider future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


I am a resident of the Bayside community that is heavily in the arts scene, specifically music. 


Mum of two, and co-owner of Bayside based national business Career Management Services. Actively contributing to the Bayside community as a volunteer with the Rotary Club of Brighton, Hampton Primary and as a Board Member for Sandringham Football Club (creating AFL and AFLW pathways in Bayside)


Everyone loves baked goods, and nothing beats the taste of those that are homemade. I also believe that deep down, we all care about each other and share our happiness together. 
I decided to combine the two by baking to fundraise for charities and community projects - baking goods for good.


Beautiful Bayside has been my life for over thirty years. I worked here as a social worker throughout the 80s, 90s and early 2000s mainly with children and their families. This was demanding but very rewarding work and I made lifelong friends with like minded colleagues.
Now I'm retired, I am a garden volunteer with Friends of Bayside and attend our vibrant Bayside U3A.


Manager of BayCISS over two sites - BayCISS: volunteer based not for profit supporting vulnerable members of the community through the provision of emergency relief, services and programs; and Castlefield Community Centre offering programs and activities for social participation and inclusion.


I worked for Bayside Council in the library service for 22 years. For 19 of those years I was the Library Services Manager and oversaw the broad range of services and programs on offer to the community.


Community information and support volunteer in the Bayside community and university student.


Mother, step-mother, wife and friend. Regular at Dendy Park and South Road Oval for dog walking and kids sport. Lawyer. Previously Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner. Co-Chair of Play by the Rules, working towards making grass roots sports safe, fair and inclusive. Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner. Cheese lover. 


Full-time mum and volunteer passionate about reducing social isolation in minority groups.


Working with Rotary Brighton and North Brighton


As a volunteer for many local environmental organisations I hope I am making our local environment a wonderful place to live in and enjoy. By also being a photographer I try to show how beautiful and diverse the bayside area is and all it has to offer.


Leanne Cutler has promoted Australian Hairdressing worldwide in global media over the past 10 years through her Hair Shots 2 The World service.  She contributes to the Bayside and greater community by: 
•    Southern FM Friday Magazine program, 
•    pro bono promotion of the HaiR-3Rs course assisting women in family violence situations, 
•    volunteering at Black Rock House and Historic Winton.


I am Treasurer and Councilor of Brighton Secondary College. I play women’s masters soccer with HJSC and am a strong supporter of girls and women in sport. I support local businesses and community events. I work full time as Group Manager Finance for VicTrack a State Government entity.


One of Lesley’s proudest achievements was leading the advocacy to save the Linacre St trees from being cut down in the 1970s which ended up with a victorious win in the Supreme Court of Australia. This became the trigger for her election to the Council. Lesley served as a Councillor for the former City of Sandringham from 1978 to 1992 and was elected Mayor in 1982/83 and 1991/1992 and for many years was the only female on Council.  She is a longstanding Bayside resident and who has actively been involved in the community since she moved here with her young family in 1956 and a particularly strong advocate for women’s rights and empowering women across Bayside.


Being a dog lover I “share the love” as a Story Dog volunteer. Frankie, my smart Toy Poodle, seems to understand how important his role is. He interacts “individually” with each child (usually low level readers needing encouragement).

 We also enjoy meeting our dog/friends each morning at the Wilson Street Reserve.


I am a volunteer in an historic organization and an Air Force Cadet. I have volunteered at Black Rock House since I was 13 and it has brought me to love and help the community more wherever I can. From being a tour guide and helping out in event management  at Friends of Black Rock House to learning to be a leader in Australian Air Force Cadets, also working with boomerang bags bayside and sewing for them for over 2 years. The community is what motivates people like myself to help and participate.


A passionate artist, teacher, longtime member of Bayside Cultural Advisory Committee which proposed and developed the Bayside Galleries- actively encouraging people to participate in and enjoy the arts.
I paint pleinaire around our coastline- three of my paintings hang in the Beaumaris Library after winning the Bayside library Art Prize.


I have been a volunteer at Moorabbin Kangaroos Football Club for 33 years. Roles undertaken have been working in the canteen for as long as I have been there, Treasurer and Secretary since 2010. I am the first and only female to be inducted into the Southern Football Netball League Hall of Fame


I have been a involved resident of Highett for 29 years participating in school and sports committees. Over the last five years I have been chair of the board of the Highett Neighbourhood Community House and more recently the Hampton Community Centre.


Being the partner of the current mayor (Clarke), I am privileged to attend a variety of events which has opened my eyes to the great diversity of what is happening in Bayside at a grass roots level. I love being a part of this local community and try to support whatever is happening!!


As the Manager of Highett Neighbourhood Community House and Hampton Community Centre I coordinate and deliver low cost, socially inclusive activities and events and undertake outreach and community engagement. Increasing community connections and participation is now more important than ever. 


Teacher, painter


I feel honoured by this invitation to participate in a project which showcases women in our community.   My dedication is to serve others.  (It is who I am.)
People have always inspired me!
In everything I do for Beaumaris Art Group, I am trusted by members to serve with vision, ethics and honour, and I hold this privilege deep within my heart.


Live, work and play Bayside.
Business owner and employer of Bayside residents.
Finance broker helping Bayside families meet finance goals for home ownership, wealth creation, reduction of financial stress and business growth.
Long term volunteer, particularly at local Primary and Secondary College.
I believe community engagement equals belonging and happiness.


I work at Bayside Council to provide information and services for older people so that they can remain in their home, if they wish. I also volunteer at the Bayside Nursery and I am a member of a monthly women's discussion group at a local church. Being involved in the Bayside community has broadened my friendship network and my skills and knowledge in various areas.


I’m the co-founder of ZIPWIRE, an organisation that creates pathways and transitional support for women returning to work after a career break


Mikaela is a valued youth voice in Bayside. She has provided insight to the Bayside Youth Ambassadors and has organised the Bayside Youth Festival, Bayside Youth Awards and Future Gen.  Her social media work is also renowned with local community organisations such as Highett Neighbourhood Community House and Brad Roswell.


My role within the Bayside community is by representing the Brighton District Cricket Club in women’s community cricket. I get to represent the community by playing a fun sport and am proud to be able to promote it to younger players who can see the women can play sports like cricket too


I have assisted with the administration and organisation of junior football at the Beaumaris Football Club since 2007, and most recently as junior club president. The participation in a team sport is vitally important for children of all ages and abilities, and teaches life skills that cannot be learnt in a book or at school.


I recently joined the Friends of Bayside Roads and am responsible for keeping Landcox Park free from litter.


Robyn has served the local community for over 20 years, having been a member of kinder, primary school, football and basketball committees. As current Chairperson of Highett Community Bank Branch (Bendigo Bank), Robyn has recently led a Board review which focussed on sustainability, business growth and strengthening local relationships.


Now retired from a very interesting, challenging and successful working life.I believe all women should be encouraged to follow their dreams. I was in  the past, a member of the Bayside advisory committee for implementing bike paths in Bayside. Now actively contributing to the Bayside community as volunteer with the Rotary Club of Hampton as Treasurer.  Volunteer and treasurer at the Bayside Rotary Farmers Market.


Being a part of Bayside Hockey Club has shown me the value of teamwork and community. Playing in senior and junior teams, volunteering to teach kids and assisting at events is important to me as I value community and I hope to continue this for more years to come.


Sandi has worked extensively in the areas of gender equality, prevention of family violence, and diversity and inclusion. Her writing has appeared in various online blogs, academic reports, as well at The Age newspaper. Her debut novel, Chasing the McCubbin, (August 2020, Transit Lounge) depicts family violence, rigid masculinity, loneliness and poverty within the Bayside community.


I am a volunteer at the Bayside Gallery. I work as a "front of house" person and am involved in the Gallery's Connections Program.  I also work part-time as a psychologist. I have lived in the Bayside area on and off since the mid seventies. I love the beaches, fresh bayside breezes and the relaxed atmosphere, reflected in the friendliness of the people who choose to live here.


As a Bayside mum, for 6 years now I have been creating a free magazine for mums in the Bayside area, which has since grown to four publications across the whole of Melbourne. But Bayside was the beginning and the inspiration behind my magazine.


 I have volunteered as the Chief Instructor at Sandringham Lifesaving Club for the last 6 years and trained scores of young and older to serve the Bayside community there.


Belonging to a number of Bayside environmental and artistic groups gives me the opportunity to connect with a wide range of people on many different levels, and as a local artist, I make good use of the opportunity to interpret our beautiful coastal shorelines for others to appreciate visually.


I began fostering children in Bayside just over 30 years ago.  Several of them have remained in my care and, through them, I’ve been an active member of local school and sporting club committees.
A child’s wellbeing is my only real passion.


As a more ‘senior’ member of the Bayside community I volunteer at Sandringham Hospital.  My mother, having been a meals-on-wheels volunteer for 25 years in Bayside, provided a role model for me.


Rotary Club of Brighton


Promotes women’s’ active lifestyle. I believe that being active is more than just getting your 10,000 steps. It is about participating in your community and supporting a culture of active women from all walks of life. Help preserve native vegetation.
Due to the amount of high-density development in our community, our natural environment is on the decline. I feel the best way that I can contribute to the preservation of the environment is by helping to prepare cuttings for planting in public spaces and sale to the general public.


Sylvie dreams of playing professional soccer for Barcelona.


I’m a Senior Research Fellow focused on better understanding severe mental disorders, which undoubtedly affect a proportion of people in the Bayside community. My research is expected to contribute to the development of more effective treatments that will ultimately translate to an improved quality of life for these individuals


Youth coordinator and trainer at Beaumaris lifesaving club.


Founder - Off Your Back - Coat Drive


I’m a bayside local surrounded by amazing people in our community, inspiring me to volunteer, make a difference and share my knowledge to worthy organisations like historic Black Rock House, Robyn’s Angel’s and Inner Wheel.


Teaching the elderly how to navigate modern technology enabled me to see and experience the invaluable contribution this sector of the community had to offer modern society. It taught me that we need to be mindful not to ‘forget’ the elderly,just because they are older.

A portrait of a woman smiling towards the camera. She has short dark hair and wears a fake white moustache on her mouth.


Having successfully directed and managed a multi disciplinary architectural practice through the financial, political and cultural minefields of South East Asia the last 28 years I draw my design inspiration from life at Bayside immersing myself through volunteer works at local events whilst raising 3 children.


At the Country Women’s Association of Vic Bayside Branch we cook, we craft, we visit, we participate, we support, we volunteer, we fundraise. As the President I work with the members to present as many opportunities as possible to engage with each other as well as the wider community.


I believe that females can bring a different lens to things that has previously been influenced mainly by males.  Through the mentoring and volunteering I do I have learnt so much about equality and celebrating  diversity. Additionally  through the youth group I attend in Gardenvale,  I am able to share what I have learnt, so that young girls, feel empowered and encouraged.