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Bethlehem Hospice Home Care and Grief Line Counselling

(03) 9596 2853 Home Care Service (24 Hours); (03) 9596 7799 Griefline (midday - midnight)
Bethlehem Hospital Inc, 476 Kooyong Road , Caulfield 3162
30 beds for Hospice care and 30 beds for Respite care exist in neurological unit at Bethlehem Hospital, Caulfield. This service is offered within a 10 km radius to provide care of persons residing in their homes who are in a terminal phase of a disease for which palliative care only will be provided. The physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental needs of a patient are taken into consideration. We aim to alleviate suffering by control of pain and associated symptoms so that the patient can live fully until their death. Create an environment where patients and families can express their hopes and fears. Support and comfort are offered to families as they work through their grief. This service also offers support to bereaved or grieving individuals who have suffered a significant loss.
Griefline and Home Care Service: 24 hours per day-7 days a week, and offers full nursing care.
Bethlehem Hospital Inc, 476 Kooyong Road, Caulfield 3162