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Friends of Bayside Roads

0417 360 747
Post Office Box 145 Black Rock Victoria 3193
Derek Jones Convenor 0417 360 747
Friends of Bayside Roads operates under the umbrella of the Friends of Bayside Environment Network. Its task is to remove litter from the city's roadside reserves (nature strips) around parks and gardens, golf courses, sporting venues, schools, car parks and council-owned infrastructure. Our volunteers patrol each side of about two kilometres of roadside once or twice a week, they report vandalism, graffiti and illegally dumped rubbish. Following a very successful six-month pilot progam, Convenor Derek Jones is seeking volunteers from council’s southern ward neighbourhoods; Sandringham, Black Rock, Beaumaris and Cheltenham for eight new patrol routes to complete that ward’s roadside litter clean-up coverage. Please call Derek for further information.
Operate seven days a week
76 Royal Avenue Sandringham Vic 3191