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Hampton Children's Playhouse

(03) 9598 0729
12 Willis Street, Hampton 3188
President - Mrs Helene Roberts
Treasurer - Mrs Jill McCrone
Hampton Children's Playhouse is a community facility for young families, run as a parent co-operative with the support of Bayside Council. It offers a place where parents and pre-school children can play and learn together in a safe environment. While children can increase their social skills and acquire greater independence in preparation for kindergarten, their parents reap the rewards of meeting local families, making new friends and being part of a community network.
Playhouse is organised in a way that members can visit any day of the week without making a booking or nominating a preferred day.
To apply for membership, contact the membership officer at the playhouse.
Monday to Friday: 9.30am-2pm
12 Willis Street, Hampton 3188