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Sandringham Foreshore Association - Bayside

(03) 9544 5993
President - Dr Vicki Karalis (03) 95445993
Public officer/secretary - Alison Horton
Treasurer - Mr Craig Francis
Objectives and Aims:

1. to sustain our Sandringham foreshore & neighbouring beaches
2. to preserve its natural beauty and aesthetic value
3. to prevent sand and cliff erosion
4. to maintain healthy clean beaches and cliffs
5. to conserve natural wildlife e.g. marine life, native flora and fauna
6. to ensure a “sense of place”
7. to ensure archaeological and cultural sites are protected
8. to conserve cultural values
.......for all ages and future generations to enjoy.

The residents of Bayside acknowledge the traditional custodians of the waters and lands on which we live and work, and pay our respect to the Elders, past and present. Our Sandringham and its neighbouring Bayside coastline are valuable local environmental assets and should be protected and cared for with the utmost respect. We are privileged to have one of the most beautiful natural landscape and environments in the world, located so close to a major city. The Bayside cliffs and fossil site, especially in Beaumaris Bay deserve heritage status for their national and international scientific significance. The local cliffs from Brighton to Beaumaris are significant for their geological, palaeontological, indigenous and artistic history.
The Sandringham and neighbouring Bayside beaches have a long history of holiday use, enjoyed for relaxation and fun. Artists visit regularly for the landscape beauty. The beaches is what drives people to live in this area and for residents outside of Bayside to regularly visit. SFA aims to protect the local beaches and coastline for future generations to enjoy.
The Sandringham Foreshore Association is a charitable not-for-profit association. Membership is free.
Our self-acclaimed role is to foster and promote good natural conservation principles to Bayside foreshore management. Our current focus is to assist public education by aligning ourselves with scientific experts in fields of conservation and natural environment, and to facilitate effective communication between community – council and state governments – and established environmental science publications and position statements. The role of SFA is to care for and help protect our local beaches and cliffs, but also to educate, raise awareness and preserve our local archaeological, geological, cultural, indigenous and heritage sites such as the Beaumaris Bay fossil site.
If you are interested in joining our free membership, to receive notices and our Quarterly Newsletters – Please respond via our website http://sandringhamforeshore.tumblr.com/MembershipForm
Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm